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Land Transport Authority (LTA)

LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | Key Visual LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | MRT North-East Line Platform Screen Doors LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | Bus Stop and MRT Poster LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | OOH Walkway Banner LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | Social Media LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | Transitlink …

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Flower Nation

Flower Nation | Branding Feng Xiang | Brand Identity Flower Nation | Brand Applications Flower Nation | Social Media Flower Nation | Website

Other Branding Projects

Seed & Soil | New Brand Loaf | New Brand Wander | New Brand Lave & Foong Jie’s Kitchen | New Brand

Feng Xiang Bak Kut Teh

Feng Xiang | Branding Logo Moodboard Keywords: Family Heritage, Traditional, Authentic Feng Xiang | Logo & Tagline https://fengxiang.sg/ New Logo Logo Variations Feng Xiang | Colour Palette Guide Feng Xiang | Typography Guide Feng Xiang | Brand Applications Feng Xiang | Social Media Feng Xiang | Website


Finnex Old Logo Moodboard Keywords: Trust, Innovation, Expertise Finnex | Refreshed Logo & Tagline https://finnex.com.sg/ New Logo Logo Variations Finnex | Colour Palette Guide Primary Colours Primary Colours Finnex | Typography Guide Finnex | Logomark Graphics Finnex| Brand Applications

Golden Horse Fund Management

Golden Horse Fund Management | Rebranded Identity Old Logo Moodboard Keywords: Trust, Innovation, Expertise https://ghfundmanagement.com/ New Logo Logo Variations Golden Horse Fund Management | Brand Applications Golden Horse Fund Management | Social Media Branding Frames Golden Horse Fund Management | Website

Global Alliance Logistics

Global Alliance Logistics | Refreshed Logo & Tagline Old Logo Moodboard Keywords: Sincere, Dependable, Dynamic https://globalalliancelog.com/ New Logo and Tagline Logo Variations Global Alliance Logistics | Brand Applications Global Alliance Logistics | Website

American Express
An Established Brand

Perception of Coverage Campaign The Solution We helped American Express launch the “Perception of Coverage” branding campaign with a series of game show at shopping malls and created campaign videos which were promoted on American Express’s Facebook page. https://youtu.be/i_GYO3MRHzw Perception of Coverage Campaign | Facebook Video Posts Facebook Video Posts focused on Retail Facebook Video …

American Express
An Established Brand
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Kinestique | Brand Guide Kinestique | Doctor’s Brochure Kinestique | Patient’s Brochure Kinestique | Website with Booking Function

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