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Looking to save time, while still reaching growth goals and keeping quality relationships with your customers? eCommerce automation is the answer you’re looking for. 

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So what is eCommerce automation?

An important tool that helps online businesses take control of their marketing strategy without having to manually manage every aspect, eCommerce automation gives you all the benefits of a sophisticated shopping experience with the ability to create marketing email campaigns that are custom tailored to your audience.

This way, you not only drive more traffic to your eCommerce store, but you also increase sales, grow your customer base, and retain more customers. 

Welcome Email

When customers sign up on your website, an automated message is the best way to acknowledge them, make a positive first impression and extend the engagement by offering additional value.

That’s not all! Make the most of your welcome emails to:

1) Tell your brand story and directing them to in-depth information about your business

2) Build relationships by highlighting popular & new content that your customers will be interested in

3) Deepen engagement with your customers by directing them to your social channels

4) Stay in touch by getting your customers to send you questions or answers to a survey so you can learn more about their needs.

5) Turn subscribers into buyers by rewarding them with promo codes and discounts that inspire them to start shopping.

Abandoned Cart

When your customers abandon their shopping cart, abandoned cart email reminders will be sent to help you bring them back to your eCommerce store – automatically.

This way, you recapture your potential lost sales and get insights into marketing strategies that go beyond opens and clicks.

Why stop there? We also offer personalisation options in your messages like {First Name} , {Company} and {Location} to maximise impact towards your customers.

Past Purchase Upsell

Get a lift in revenue by using your eCommerce store’s purchase data to suggest recommendations we think your customers will like based on rules such as previous purchases or products browsed, and encourage them to purchase. 

Additionally, you can also use the upsell feature to send one or several emails, separated by time periods so that your customers are always updated.

Re-purchase Email

Winning a customer is hard, winning a loyal customer is even harder. But if you have a great product, customers will definitely want to buy from you again. 

Make the most of customer retention by setting up  automated re-purchase emails to  strategically remind customers to buy a specific product or from a product category again.  

Since these re-purchase emails are tailored for customers based on their previous purchases, they  get the attention of recipients at the point when customers are most likely contemplating their next purchase. 

Re-purchase email reminders can also be applied to products  with short to medium lifetime cycles like: 

1) Annual subscription renewals

2) Perishables like baby essentials and pet supplies

3) Monthly re-orders like stationery and laundry detergent

Inactive Engagement

With so many marketing emails hitting your customers on the daily, it’s easy to grow distant with your subscribers. Hence, you must rekindle that initial spark and take the time to re-engage your customer email list. 

This is when automated re-engagement emails are a powerful asset. Not only do they remind customers about the products they saw on your site and invite them back to make a purchase but they also actively re-engage them, so they’ll come back to your eCommerce store again.

Lastly, you can also use a series of targeted and personalised re-engagement emails to “win-back” inactive customers with special offers or discount coupons to get them to interact with your emails and call-to-actions. 

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