Online Voucher Redemption System

Drive O2O traffic and engage your customers through discounts and deals by easily creating, distributing and managing vouchers for promotional campaigns with powerful automation.

The new standard for increased sales generation and customer loyalty expansion is here.

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So what is an Online Voucher Redemption System?

Control what you want to sell by using our custom set of triggers, rules & promo types to create and distribute personalized discount codes that integrate with your eCommerce store seamlessly through User Interface or automatically via API integration.

Here’s essentially what you can expect in a glance.

1) Customers choose any e-vouchers on your website.

2) Fill up basic contact details (name, contact number and email).

3) Upon submission, an automated email (with QR code) will be sent.

4) Display the QR Code to verify and redeem the e-voucher at the store.


1) e-Vouchers
Create e-vouchers which will be automatically send to your customers’ email. Go paperless and save our mother earth.

2) Simple Checkout
Your customer just need to “add to cart” the e-Vouchers, fill in their details and receive the e-Vouchers (with QR code, if needed) via email.

3) Drive Traffic to Store
Restaurant/ stores can use the e-Vouchers to drive footfall to their store to redeem the offers.

4) QR Code
Your staff can easily scan the QR Code in the e-Vouchers to mark it as voucher redeemed.

5) Data Analytic
To keep track on who and how many people has registered for the e-Vouchers as well as how many people has redeemed the vouchers in store.

6) Future Marketing
Integration with mailing list software can be developed for future marketing campaigns announcement such as launch of new products, launch of new menu, promotion and etc.

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