Digital Marketing Kickstarter Package for SMEs

Keep up, be seen and be noticed in the online world. Reach your audience with our digital marketing solutions, and up to 50%* funding support under the Productivity Solutions Grant.

We’re a Pre-approved SMEs GoDigital Vendor!

Get up to 50%* subsidy with the pre-approved PSG Grant for Digital Marketing.

To be eligible for up to 50%* funding support under the PSG, you’re required to fulfil these conditions:

  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • Minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • Group annual turnover not exceeding S$100 million per annum (based on the most recent audited report), and/or group employment not exceeding 200 employees.
  • Working with a Singapore-based digital marketing agency (that’s us!)

Be seen by the right crowd in the digital space

Everything’s online these days, and the game of digital marketing is in a constant flux. Your brand needs to keep up with the rules to better reach and engage your potential customers. Stand out and be rightly noticed with creative digital marketing campaigns.

From creative assets to strategic copywriting, we deliver them all. Be it social media, websites, or on search engines, we know the way through.

Now, you can also tap on up to 50%* funding to kickstart your digital marketing efforts with the Productivity Solutions Grant.

Shift in the right direction with the Digital Marketing Kickstarter Package

Helping businesses rapidly develop and grow your online presence and digital traffic, that’s the aim of this package. Getting your brand onboard social media, carving out a niche in the digital stratosphere, and driving the clicks, that’s what we can do together.

Singapore-based businesses can now receive up to 50%* funding support to grow your digital audience through the Productivity Solutions Grant by Enterprise Singapore.

I Concept’s Digital Marketing Kickstarter Package can help your business strategise and dream up effective digital campaigns, increase your brand awareness, online traffic and sales conversions. Our multiple channel approach brings your brand unto social media platforms, search engines and other digital avenues.

Bring your digital marketing to the next level

Now, with the Productivity Solutions Grant, you are even better equipped to let your business’s digital marketing efforts take off. With up to 50%* funding support, and a wholesome digital marketing plan designed for your brand and business, we make the complex works easier for you.

We’ve designed a comprehensive 3-month package to help shift your online media marketing (including social media and search engine) in the right direction.

From understanding your needs, through to driving the ‘likes’, we’ve got them all sorted out.

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We are a Creative Agency who have helped hundreds of companies tell their stories, collectively assisting them to reach out to millions of customers. We continuously strive to bring out our creative spirit and energies to help make your business tick.

We aim to help businesses generate high returns through integrated and targeted marketing campaigns. With our experience and expertise, our dynamic digital marketing team have helped bring alive exciting projects from your favourite brands over the years.

The digital world awaits your brand’s next right move

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