PSG Ecommerce Reimbursement Guide

Dear valued customer,

Please find below the list of items to be prepared for your PSG Ecommerce Reimbursement:

1) Signed acceptance of Quotation/Contract from I Concept
*The copy require to be uploaded to the portal.

2) Invoices from I Concept to your company

3) Receipts from I Concept and/or cheque photo
*Receipts will be sent to your email once all payments are cleared.

4) Your company’s corporate bank statement indicating payment to I Concept

5) Pictures/screenshots of Licence Number(s) of software.
*You can screenshot this from your eCommerce backend at the footer section. Dashboard > Pages > All Pages > Scroll down to the end. Sample as show below:

6) Usage Report – At least one month.
*Here is the Usage Report Sample for you to download and prepare your own screenshots from your eCommerce backend. Please remember to delete the sample screenshots from the sample document.

Once you have the above items ready, you can login to Business Grant Portal with your CorpPass to upload the documents accordingly. Below is the upload screen for your reference.

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