Workflow Category: E-commerce Design

Opening Dialogue

Our Key Account Managers will meet with you to understand your needs, your brand’s preferred directions, and discuss our packages available. If the terms are agreeable, we will then proceed to confirm the project.

Copywriting & Editing

Our copywriter will work on and develop a comprehensive set of copy/text to be utilised in the different sections of the website. Follow-up edits will be made accordingly.

Sub-pages Design Phase

After the homepage design is approved and confirmed, the team will then proceed to work on the sub-pages. The team will then refine the work to your liking, based on the agreed design concept. Up to 3 rounds of revisions will be provided.

Programming Phase

When the overall design is confirmed, we will then proceed to moving it onto a server platform, and let our programming maestros make your website come to life.

User Acceptance Test (UAT)

A round of User Acceptance Test (UAT) will be done on the provided staging link, where the client can test out the site and provide feedback. Our team will then make relevant tweaks and changes according to the feedback received.

Training and Onboarding

When the website is ready, our team will furnish you with training manuals and a video to guide you through how it works, such as how to load your products and enter the information, manage stock counts and payment gateway matters.

Prep to Go Live

Before the website is launched to the public, the team will prepare and ready the server and domain, running tests on the system to ensure that all the technicalities required are in order. When everything is ready, the site can then go ‘live’ to meet its first users.

Technical Support

Our team will be available to provide any necessary assistance via email, with regards to regular procedures, and fix any issues that occur. This will run through the agreed timeline.

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