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Flower Nation

Branding, E-Commerce, Website, Social Media, Creative Design

New Brand


Flower Nation is a new Floral Atelier brand in Malaysia, It began with a passion for flowers and then blossomed into a flower lovers’ commune. Understanding the demand for artisanal floral arrangements and fairly-priced handpicked bouquets for all occasions, Flower Nation was born.

The Challenge
Flower Nation needed help with the creation of a brand identity and marketing. They also needed a website to help sell their offerings.

The Objectives

I Concept was approached to work on their branding and touchpoints, such as:

  • Create a set of brand identity that resonates with their target audience
  • Generate brand awareness, reach and brand recall
  • Produce touchpoints such as website, social media strategy and sustenance, collaterals and SEO

Flower Nation | Branding

Flowernation Logo RGB Primary Brown
Feng Xiang | Brand Identity
fn bg 1
fn bg 4
fn bg 2
fn bg 5
Flower Nation | Brand Applications
fn Green Ribbon 3
fn Giftcard A5 Design 2 Landscape Front
fn Green Ribbon 5
fn Giftcard A5 Design 2 Landscape Back
fn Green Ribbon 4
Flower Nation | Social Media
Valentines Day
Floral Highlights Blog
Floral Quotes month 2
Floral Tips Month 2
Floral Quotes 1

Flower Nation - Ecommerce Website

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