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Branding and Identity

It’s all about packaging it and showing it to the world.

Your branding speaks volume.
Let’s carve your niche together.

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Your Leading Brand Consultancy in Singapore

Let’s be real. Successful brands today no longer just sell products or services. It’s all about creative ideas and unique experiences. How the brand looks and sounds on different touchpoints matters. All these involve an intricate process of crafting a strategic and purposeful brand identity that will produce the desired results for you.

From raising brand awareness to executing brand campaigns, we are adept in collaborating with our clients to craft strategic branding solutions and strategic branding models.

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Branding & Identity Workflow

For our branding and identity projects, I Concept would undergo the following phases together with you, to create (or recreate) a new branding dedicated to your business.

This list serves as an overview of the workflow, and the items and phases are tailored according to each project, depending on needs.

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Opening Dialogue
Our Key Account Managers will meet with you to understand your business’ needs, your brand’s intended direction and desired style, and discuss our available packages. If the terms are agreeable, we will then proceed to confirm the project.
Brand Consultancy
Our Brand Consultant will conduct a brand building workshop with the client’s key management to gain an understanding of the brand and the direction to be taken, to streamline the opinions and needs.
Brand Audit
Our Branding Team will conduct some qualitative and quantitative research to understand the current brand state and communications. A combination of desktop research and survey, will be compiled and analysed.
Brand Strategy and Positioning

Our Branding Team will then identify and co-develop a strategy roadmap with consensual inputs, that will position and define the brand away and above the competitors.

Brand Logo Concept

Our creative team will follow up with intensive research, before creating and presenting mood boards and logo concepts.

Refining Phase

From layout and design to copywriting, the team will refine the work(s) to your liking, based on the agreed logo concept.

Adapting Phase

When the overall design is confirmed, we will then proceed to adapting the logo onto the designs of paraphernalia and other brand touch points.

Marketing Phase

We offer marketing advisories, including possible directions and suggested platforms you may carry on with the branding and marketing efforts. For certain projects, this will include development of website and digital marketing campaigns.

Take a look at these exciting branding projects we’ve assisted with.

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Scam Alert

Impersonation of I Concept Innovation Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Impersonation of I Concept Innovation Pte Ltd

It has come to our attention that individuals claiming to be representatives from
I Concept Pte Ltd (Singapore) are offering fraudulent freelance job opportunities and other types of scams under our name, often providing the link to the websites under i-conceptanalysis.com, i-conceptaudit.com, i-conceptevaluate.com and i-conceptsystem.com. There may be other domains that we are unaware of.

We unequivocally state that these scam websites and any other websites other than our actual one (i-concept.com.sg), as well as the representatives claiming to be from our company, do not belong to I Concept Innovation Pte Ltd (Singapore). We strongly urge you not to respond to these solicitations and to verify the legitimacy of such communication by sending us an email at:

Please note that we will never ask you for your sensitive personal details including but not limited to your bank account number and/or passwords, as well as any form of payment. We have already filed a police report – Report No. G/20240516/7030.

If you are a victim of these scams, kindly file a police report at your end.

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