Digital Marketing

Google Advertising

Don’t be googly-eyed.

Get the best out of Google, and captivate your target audience across the different networks.

It’s more than just a

Search Engine

There’s so much potential that Google’s advertising and marketing tools bring.
Tap into the world of Google, and let your brand reach far and wide, in your preferred format.

Whether you’re into text-based ads or eye-catching videos, Google has got so many different ways for you to showcase your brand. Don’t let that scare you, just leave it in the hands of a Google Partner (that’s us) to manage it for you.

Google Display Network (GDN)

Similar to social media marketing, anything visual goes in Google’s Display Advertising. Once you segment your target audience, you can be sure of your brand’s graphics reaching everyone that is remotely interested in it. Lacking the graphics?

Unsure of the dimensions? Don’t know what kind of audience to target?
It can seem a little complex for a first-timer, but not to a 783th-timer though.

We’ll have your ads up and running within Google’s Display Network in no time, including YouTube advertising and millions of websites and applications.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Seen certain ‘ads’ appearing at the top (or below) your search engine results? Targeting audiences with cost-effective keywords and strategic text-based ads is the basis of Search Engine Marketing. It is the first thing anyone sees in their Google searches.

We’ll find the best keywords for you. We’ll write the most compelling adverts for you. You just need to provide the budget.

Digital Marketing Workflow

For our digital marketing projects, I Concept would undergo the following phases together with you, to create a set of digital marketing strategies for your business. This includes social media marketing and search engine advertorials.

This list serves as an overview of the workflow, and the items and phases are tailored according to each project, depending on needs.

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Opening Dialogue

Our Key Account Managers will meet with you to understand your digital marketing needs, your brand’s preferred directions, and recommend suitable packages we have on offer.

If the terms are agreeable, we will then proceed to confirm the project.

Research Phase

The Key Account Manager and Creative Strategist will then do the necessary market research, proposing target ad-sets and streamlining target audience base and other details.

Design Concept + Copywriting

Depending on the type of project/campaign, our creative team will follow up with research, and present design concepts (for projects with visuals) or proposed sets of ad copy.

Refining Phase

From layout and design to copywriting, the team will refine the work to your liking, based on the agreed design concept/keywords and direction.

Campaign Launch

When the campaign is ready to hit ‘go’, we will take it to the (digital) streets.

For longer-termed social media campaigns, our team will be in contact regularly to get your approval for content to be posted on your social media channels.

We’ve helped our clients get noticed in the digital realm.
See how we do it.

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