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How to develop a unique brand strategy?

Strategic branding sets your business apart from your competition and builds customer loyalty. Here’s a step-by-step guide to building your brand strategy.
Tags: Digital Marketing, branding agency, i concept singapore, Brand identity

Copywriting vs Content Writing: What’s the difference?

Content writing is about educating, while copywriting is about persuading. We look at the differences between the two types of writings for digital marketing.
Tags: Digital Marketing, Creative agency, digital copywriting, i concept singapore

6 questions to ask before you open an eCommerce store: Understanding business needs and the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

Thinking of starting an online eCommerce store? Here are 6 questions you need to ask, plus tips on tapping on PSG for your business’s digital transformation
Tags: Website Design, eCommerce development, digital agency, Digital Marketing, Creative agency, i concept singapore

Landing page design: How to create better pages that convert

Well-designed landing page is the key to attracting new customers, converting their initial excitement into sales or leads, or even repeat clients.
Tags: Website Design, Website Development, eCommerce development, digital copywriting, i concept singapore, Creative Design Agency

Marketing your small business: 8 creative ideas to take on

Tags: eCommerce development, Digital Marketing, creative agency Singapore, digital solutions, Brand identity, social media management, I Concept

Email marketing is not dead: A guide to using Electronic Direct Marketing to grow your business

EDM marketing is comprehensive. Other than email blasts, it covers a range of targeted digital marketing strategies. We look at how it helps grow your business.
Tags: Digital Marketing, Creative agency, digital copywriting, i concept singapore

6 Ways You May Be Boring Your Customers: How to Liven Up Your Branding

Do you know that with time, your brand might get stale and out of touch with consumers? You need to proactively liven up your branding! Here’s a definitive guide!
Tags: Website Design, Digital Marketing, Brand identity, I Concept, Creative Design Agency

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