Social Media Marketing

Tap on social networks within the various channels to drive organic and paid results for your brand.

Embrace the future of social media

Even the uncles and makciks are on social media these days. Unless you prefer Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation, it makes sense to develop social media campaigns. As avid users ourselves, we know the nuances and insider information to get the best bang out of your buck in a dynamic social media climate.  

Every campaign needs a complementing visual to deliver a message. We can do wonders with the assets you have or design new ones to cater to a highly visual audience. From the widely-used Facebook to the professional setting in LinkedIn, our team of digital marketing specialists knows what’s best and what works for your brand.

Facebook Marketing

Effective for both consumer and corporate brands, Facebook is our go-to channel in social media marketing. Based on what your business goals are, we’ll strategise, plan and execute a campaign that sends an impactful message to the right audience.

You can be sure that your Facebook campaign will be executed based on extensive research, strategic planning and smart targeting. All you need to do is pick a goal and objective to fulfil:

Instagram Marketing

Although it’s part of Facebook, Instagram caters to a much younger and visually-driven audience. ‘Pictures speak a thousand words’ — this holds a lot of weight within Instagram, where modern and smart visuals are the kings of this universe.

We’ll create visuals that tell the story you wish for your brand to tell, even if it’s a catalogue of 1000 products. Whether you need single taps or double taps on your Instagram post, we’ll make it happen.

LinkedIn Marketing

Best suited for business-to-business communications, LinkedIn has a network filled with organisations and working professionals. If this is your target audience, we’ll ‘Link’ you up with them.

A professional platform requires a different approach. Not to worry, we’re capable of code-switching to craft a convincing LinkedIn campaign for your organisation.

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