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Core Capabilities Strategic Branding and Marketing Grant Application Guide

Dear Valued Customer

Thank you for engaging I Concept to assist with your Branding Development Project.

Please find below the list of items that you need to prepare for your EDG Strategic Branding and Marketing Grant Application.

  1. Authorised Representative Name, Email Address, Contact Number
  2. Latest Audited Financial Statements from the latest 3 years
    (to be updated in your Company Profile)
  3. Quotation (Unsigned)
  4. EDG Proposal
  5. SingPass ID & Password

When the above items are ready, please login to the Business Grant Portal and follow the simple steps below to apply for the Grant.

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Step 1 of 14

Select “Get new grant”

Step 2

Select the sector of your business

Step 3

Select “Upgrade key business areas, such as adopt technology, improve business processes or raise service standards”

Step 4

Select “Core Capabilities” and click “Apply”

Step 5

Click on “Proceed”

Step 6

Select “Yes” and click “Next”

Step 7

Fill up the authorised person’s contact details accordingly and click “Next”

Step 8

FIll in the Project Title (Can be the same title as the EDG Proposal title)

Start and End Date to be 8 weeks and 1 year from the application date. Project Description can be filled in with the Executive Summary that can be found in the EDG Proposal.

Step 9

Upload the EDG Proposal here

You may add in your own remarks about this proposal.

Step 10

Fill up the business impact according to what is in the EDG Proposal, as well as the rationale for the projections.

Step 11

Fill up the Workers Impact section according to what is in the EDG Proposal as well

Step 12

You may fill in the relevant costs for Enterprise Singapore to consider as part of the grant application

Step 13

Select the relevant answers under the Declare & Review section.

You may click on the “Review” button to edit any information before submitting. If all is good, you may “Submit” and you’re good to go!

All you have to do now is wait for the approval of the grant application! Typically it will take around 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the volume received by Enterprise Singapore at the time.

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