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Many areas in our life are a product of consumer psychology – products at our eye level in supermarkets, sale items along the checkout lines or even clicking the “Buy Now” button at your favourite online store. These thoughtfully placed buttons, navigation menu or even certain text are all part of great web design.

Not surprisingly, websites also include a little bit of psychology to direct and entice you for a sales conversion. Great eCommerce sites also leverage similar concepts to reach their audiences. Here are 4 consumer psychology tips to create great web designs! You can thank us later. 

To place or not to place

When you visit IKEA, exhibits are arranged thoughtfully and categorised according to which part of the house they fit. Items are also laid out neatly with labels to describe the product, price and size. Similarly, websites need to be designed thoughtfully without crowding too much text together or overloading too much information. 

Utilising the negative space concept, great website design can use empty space to direct the consumer’s attention to the intended area. 

In addition, the Serial Position Concept coined by Hermann Ebbinghaus, refers to the consumer’s tendency to recall with greater accuracy – the first and the last item in a list. Many brands have used this in engaging websites like Apple and Nike.

Highlight your brand identity

Your brand identity is a powerful tool in helping you stand out. Modern consumers now look at the whole brand instead of what are some of your items on sale. This includes your brand values, colours and font when it comes to great website design. Have a clean font tends to convey a sleek and clean brand while strong fonts convey a sense of athleticism and power. 

Colour is an important part of your brand identity, it influences not only what your consumers feel but also what they do. Colour can help strengthen your brand’s website and social media as well as influence certain actions on your website. For example, red carries a sense of luxury and confidence which can be used for food or luxury items. Another colour like blue is calming and safe, which is used on websites by banks, hospitals and even tech companies. Therefore, it is important to choose the right colour and font that will suit your brand’s identity. All these aspects help your website and brand resonate with your consumers.

Making the right choice

Another aspect which elevates great website design is being able to highlight the best deals or key products when consumers land on their site. The Von Restorff effect also known as “the isolation effect” has shown that consumers remember products, text or even images that stand out. This can be combined with colours to form Call-to-Action buttons, highlight premium products or even a “contact us” button for great effect.

Remember to keep these concepts in mind when looking out for a web design agency in Singapore.

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