3 Key Elements of Successful ECommerce Designs

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If you are not convinced of having an eCommerce yet, you should really consider some of these points. But if you are already on the eCommerce train, it’s time to start planning your eCommerce store properly.

ECommerce can be difficult to get right the first time, and there is usually a lot of trial and error in something new. Today, we’re here to help you eliminate some of the ‘errors’ by providing you with a list of key elements for a successful eCommerce design.


Calls-to-Action (CTA)

Picture this: You enter an amazing landing page for an attractive product, you are intrigued. Staring at it, you ponder over it….. and you close the tab.

Having a visually aesthetic design is helpful for your cause, but it doesn’t matter if your audience has no idea what to do next. Due to information overload, people are often lazy when consuming online formation.

A strong CTA is important for any eCommerce store design helps to obtain sales, as it guides the audience to your desired behaviour of purchasing. Even a simple CTA button can do wonders for sales.

If you want to achieve better numbers, a better CTA could be promoting sales or highlight aspects of your products or brand to provide a sincere reason to click. To achieve that, you have to provide information in helping them make an informed decision as they press the add-to-cart or check out button.

Show Similar Products

At every product page, include similar products or related products viewed and purchased by other consumers. While this is a simple feature, it helps provide alternatives and complementary products for your consumers as well.

This is a simple trick to boost sales and decrease bounce rates for your website, which helps your eCommerce’s SEO as well.

If you are interested in improving your eCommerce’s SEO, check out an SEO expert to boost your page rankings.

Have An Easy Checkout

The checkout process is how your sales happen and how your consumers purchase your products or services. In essence, it is actually the most important part of an eCommerce design. If implemented poorly, none of the other design elements would even matter.

There are many factors that constitute a great checkout experience, such as speed of purchase, guest checkout option and easy form filing. Providing free shipping or other promotions are ways to incentivise the purchase and streamline the process even more.

In other words, put yourselves in the shoes of the consumer, what would make the purchasing decision easier? Understand their needs and behaviour, and implement the complementing design accordingly.


Still unsure of how to go about setting up an eCommerce store? There are many professional teams out there that can help you with it.

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