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3 Tips To Consider When Hiring A ECommerce Website Design Agency

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Given the boom of the Singapore eCommerce market in recent years, many brands have started focusing on their eCommerce website design to stand out among the rest. Since eCommerce website design agencies or web developer provide valuable expertise, hiring them has become a prevalent practice.

Apart from creating visually attractive websites, these agencies also take care of the user flow and user experience. However, with so many eCommerce website design agencies in Singapore, it can be complicated trying to narrow down the best one for your brand.

To streamline your decision-making process, we’ve broken down the 3 key tips needed to hire the right eCommerce website design agency.

Plan Your ECommerce Goals

What exactly do you intend to gain out of your eCommerce website?

Before you start the search for an agency, you need to outline your own eCommerce goals and objectives. They should address the main purpose of your online store.

Your eCommerce goals must be in line with your brand’s image, target audience, products and long-term goals. When you understand what you want from your virtual store, you’ll be able to better convey the type of eCommerce website design that you want to the potential agency.

Create a brief with clear requirements of your desired design and hand it over to the agency. In turn, this will allow you to gain a better eCommerce website design to achieve strategic results.

Verify The Agency’s Credibility

Since they are creating online solutions, any credible eCommerce website design agency should have a good website of their own to reach potential clients.

Start off by looking through the agency’s work profile and services. You’ll be able to assess the agency’s technical expertise and certifications to confirm that they can design a website that meets your strategic objectives.

You should also read online testimonials to understand the agency from their clients’ perspective. Their current and past accounts can tell you a lot about the agency’s work ethics, communication skills and reliability.

These factors are just some indicators of the agency’s good reputation and credibility, which helps you to trust them more.

Review The Agency’s Pricing

When you’re choosing an eCommerce website design agency, one of the most important factors to consider is the price. Some agencies require you to pay the total cost before work starts, while others allow you to give them a downpayment.

Some agencies may offer cheaper rates as compared to the rest, which should not be the deciding factor in deciding. On the other hand, agencies that charge exorbitant fees are definitely not a good fit for your company as well.

Ask them to give you a quotation first, and ensure that it fits into your budget – not the other way round.

For the smaller and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) out there, you can also check out the Productivity Solutions Grant to get up to 80% of your design project subsidised. Simply contact a Pre-approved Vendor for eCommerce solutions to help you through the PSG Grant application.

Finding the right eCommerce website design agency that fits your budget will take time, but you should always clarify what you are paying for instead of rushing to secure a partnership.

Get In Touch And Start Planning

Now that you’ve curated the list of potential agencies, you can request for them to start preparing a design proposal. Remember that these tips are just guidelines to ease your decision-making process, so you can continue to look out for more factors to narrow down your prospective list.

If you’re keen to invest in an effective eCommerce website design or want to learn more about the PSG grant, reach out to our professional web developer to guide you through the process.

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