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5 Common Website Design Mistakes To Avoid

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For any website design to generate conversions and revenue, it needs to be more than just aesthetically appealing. Hence, if the performance of your website is not up to scratch, then it can most likely be attributed to the website design.

Poor web design can lead to low engagement, and eventually, it will begin to impact your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ranking. As such, it’s important to make sure that you are steering clear of the most common website design mistakes.

Incorrect Line-Height

A small detail but a significant one for web design, incorrect line-height can severely impact the appeal and design of a website. The wrong line height makes the content look overcrowded, leading to poor presentation and the wrong key message being sent to users.

An experienced web design company in Singapore will be able to identify the right leading to use for your website. They’ll choose the option that fits well with the selected font and guarantees that the visual of the site is on point.

Violating Design Principles

When you are designing a website, the temptation to make it as unique as possible will be strong. However, you shouldn’t think too far out of the box to the point of breaking key design principles for website designs.

For instance, logos and taglines are expected at the top of the page. Similarly, changing the location of part of your site might make it more difficult for users to navigate. Deviating too far can result in confusion and decrease in the quality of user experience (UX).

Hence, you should be particularly wary of making changes that impact design principles and make your site worse. There’s a reason these principles exist – they work. As such, avoid being too creative and keep to the principles as much as possible.

Wrong Font Choice

A common and impactful mistake that you can make with your web design is to choose the wrong font. Font choice in web design has a few factors, such as size, readability and style.

If the font is too small, it’s going to be difficult to read, particularly when viewed on a smaller device. A small font can also seem unimportant to the user, and this makes them less engaged on your website or interested in what you have to say.

Readability is another factor in font choice. It can be tempting to select a font that is unique and different to stand out from your competitors. However, you run the risk of users struggling to acquire and absorb the information they need.

When you take into account that the average user only has an attention span of about eight seconds, you’ll realise how crucial your font choice can play.

Long Line Lengths

It’s important to ensure that lines of your content don’t become irritating to read, and a healthy estimation would be a length of no more than 60 characters. Being aware of the wrong line length can encourage users to read the content.

Similarly, short line lengths are also an issue. A line length that is continually short creates a staggered reading experience, which is also annoying to users. So make sure that you find the sweet spot here.

Line lengths also impact your mobile-responsive design and ensure consistency throughout the website design. With the right line length, your web design will be seamless regardless of the screen and browser size of the respective electronic devices that it is being displayed on.

Failing To Highlight CTAs

A compelling CTA is a must-have of any good web design. In fact, you should probably have multiple CTAs in the different subpages of your website.

It’s not enough just to choose the right words, your CTAs should also be highlighted on your website. One of the ways is to choose the right accent colours for the CTAs that is completely different from the rest of your website. This guarantees that the CTAs immediately draw attention and are seen as a key point of focus for a user.

Most web developers in Singapore should instinctively place CTA buttons in all the right places for you.

Not Approaching Us

Looking for a brand new website or a website revamp? It will be a mistake not to approach a web design company that is experienced in handling your brand’s website, such as ourselves!

Our team of proficient UI/UX designers are ready to take your brand to the next level.

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