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5 Questions To Ask A Singapore ECommerce Solutions Provider

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While joining the multi-billion-dollar eCommerce sector in Singapore has been a popular choice of late, choosing a Singapore eCommerce solutions provider to help build has not been as straightforward. Given the ramifications of poor eCommerce website development, it’s reasonable for more thought is put into the decision.

From delayed operations to high opportunity costs, these are awkward situations we all want to avoid and asking the right questions to your shortlisted eCommerce website design company is a great start.

To help you deliberate over your choice of eCommerce developers, here are 5 questions you should ask them to help streamline that decision:

What are my payment gateway options?

Payment is an important step in eCommerce and it is what drives the revenue for your business, so making an informed decision is a must. 

When it comes to payment options, always choose convenience over fresh new alternatives. It’ll be best to use popular payment gateways to not turn off your customers at such a critical stage.

Opt for payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe so that your customers can easily pay for the products and services that you offer.

Will the eCommerce design be mobile-responsive?

A technologically advanced nation such as Singapore is bound to have a high percentage of smartphone users, about 80% to be exact. 

So how do you cater to a smart nation as such? The answer lies in having an eCommerce website design that adapts.

With more than half of eCommerce transactions on mobile, a mobile-responsive feature has become absolutely a necessity at this point. By adjusting according to the users’ screen sizes, it provides for a seamless user experience regardless of the device used.

You’ll also get to enjoy an added boost in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with Google’s shift to prioritise mobile rankings. 

It’s up to you to make sure the quotation and services provided include this detail. 

Is the eCommerce web development search engine optimised?

Want a site that is discoverable by search engine crawlers and potential customers? You’ll want a “Yes” to the above question.

You want your brand to be noticed, scratch that, you want users to go to your brand’s website. The above mentioned Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what holds the key to millions of online users and consistent revenue flow.

A complicated but worthwhile process – it’s highly recommended that you read up a simple SEO guide before approaching this. The gist of it includes strategic keywords placed in various areas of content and coding within the site.

Do note the difference between black hat and white hat SEO techniques if you want to avoid heavy penalties in your search engine rankings. 

If you’re not getting a ‘Yes’, you can consider approaching an SEO agency for help. 

What kind of technical support is provided? 

Technological solutions are complicated. In the face of these situations, you want a partner that responds timely to help you tide through it.

Gain a rough understanding of what is entailed within the technical support package and ask any questions or potential issues you foresee. 

Be it server, front-end or back-end concerns, a good eCommerce vendor should be available to provide you with prompt technical support (as long as you ask nicely).

Are you a Productivity Solutions Grant-approved vendor?

Don’t we all want quality solutions at subsidised rates? Well, thanks to the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), it has become a reality. 

Available for small to medium-sized local enterprises, the PSG by Enterprise Singapore provides up to 80% subsidy for eCommerce solutions. While not many eCommerce developers in Singapore are PSG-approved vendors, there’s no harm asking about it. 

Just make sure you check off the list of requirements for PSG and you could be on your way to a dazzling new eCommerce site at almost a quarter the price. 


Or you can save yourself all the hassle and contact us instead (;


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