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5 Tips To Improve Your ECommerce Website Design

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Managing an eCommerce in Singapore is tough, and having a poor eCommerce website design makes things even more difficult. To create an effective eCommerce solution, you need to know know what customers want from your eCommerce platform

Believe it or not, besides discounts and good product quality, customers do care about the design and the user experience on your eCommerce website. Hence, it’s vital that you pay attention to the key elements of UI, UX, and products presentation to make the shopping process easier. 

To help you create an effective eCommerce website design, we look into our crystal ball and give you the 5 things that are on your customers’ wishlist: 

Wish #1: Simple and accessible content

Your customers want to buy your products, so it’s your job to make sure that the eCommerce website design makes it easy for them to do that. 

Using short and simple content with bullet points and smart formatting to make content more readable, so that they don’t have to slow the shopping process for excessive reading. 

Also, implement a search function to help your customers conveniently find the products they are looking and convert them more easily.

These are basic website design knowledge that a professional web design company in Singapore should be able to handle. 

Wish #2: High-quality images 

For any eCommerce in Singapore, you have to show your products in the best light. Only use high-resolution images to attract your customers to click on them. 

Interactive displays such as image carousels should show products from a variety of angles and in different levels of detail, helping to sell them better.

If you’re lacking in high-quality images of your products, do prepare some resources to complete a proper photoshoot of your products. They are the assets for both your eCommerce website design and your marketing collaterals, which are worth investing in.

Wish #3: Ease up the process

Shopping cart abandonment is a significant issue with eCommerce websites, especially when customers are faced with too many barriers before purchase. Implementing too many steps without proper guides will likely push your customers towards giving up. 

Hence, it is essential that you improve your purchase process within your eCommerce platform

Implementing an eCommerce website design element like breadcrumb navigation is the best solution to such as an issue. By letting customers always see how many steps they are away from the purchase, they’re more likely to follow through with a clear end goal in sight. 

It will be recommended to include encouraging and creative copywriting to keep them engaged and motivated throughout the process. 

Wish #4: Mobile-responsive platform

With more than 4.5 million smartphones users in Singapore, it will be dangerous to ignore the importance of mobile eCommerce. 

In order to cater to a growing mobile population, having a responsive eCommerce website design becomes ever so important. This means your customers are able to experience a seamless interactive process regardless of the screen size they are viewing it on. 

When approaching any eCommerce developers, be sure to ask about responsive web design for your eCommerce platform in Singapore. 

Wish #5: Smart customer support

No matter how good the UI/UX design of your eCommerce platform, some customers are still going to have problems with it. Ensuring accessible and easy-to-use customer support channels in your eCommerce website design can provide a direct resolution and gratification for their queries. 

Lack of resources and manpower to handle them? Technology is here to save the day! AI-driven chatbots are becoming more and more commonplace to help direct customers to the products and pages they’re looking for, without having a real person to step in all the time.

That’s what we call smart-nation. 

Ecommerce in Singapore? We’re here to help.

Our vast experience in eCommerce solutions is what helps our partners create seamless eCommerce experiences in Singapore. Besides that, our status as a pre-approved vendor in Singapore also always us to provide effective and great eCommerce website design at a subsidised rate.

Chat with our dedicated team to find out more!

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