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Branding Agency Singapore: Why are branded touchpoints important?

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Branding Agencies Singapore: brand touchpoints and branded interactions

In a period that is so affected by COVID-19, branding agencies in Singapore have been quick to strategise and prioritise digital touch points in their strategy and design. In the new normal, digital touch points have become increasingly important to become effectively branded to connect brands and consumers. How so you might ask, and why is it important?

In this article, we discuss a world that minimises physical human interaction. Consumer touch points are the meeting place where consumers and brands interact with each other, forming connections. Digital touch points, in a time starved of human connections, help users feel connected to a purpose and shape the brand’s perception. The role of a branding agency or branding company is to help strategise these touch points which then frame subsequent interactions as enjoyable or unpleasant. Hence, it is important to find the best brand agency to help you communicate your brand values. Brand touch points can include websites, social media, print collaterals or even how customers experience a phone call. 

Branded interactions

Branded interactions mainly revolve around 4 categories — interactions, messages, products and settings. Here’s why they are important and how you can use them to help your customer journey. Interactions can be defined as “communication between two parties” and when it comes to branded interactions, are between the brand and the consumer. These interactions are centred around websites, social media and online discussion boards and are used to foster emotional, if not, personal connections with consumers. These interactions help consumers understand the brand better and develop connections to generate conversions and referrals in the future. 

 Why is it important?   Every impression of your brand with your audience/customer/prospect counts , especially the first. 
✓ Utilising the chance to communicate your brand values in each interaction is like pushing a 
Press Release right in the face of a reporter ; it's your chance to impress.  
✓ Digital touch points such as your website, EDM, emails, should be coherent in terms of messaging, 
vibe and the presentation of your brand visual identity.

Branded messages

Branded messages are one of the more basic brand touch points that many people experience in their day to day business. Be it an Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM) or even a text message, these one-way communications help establish a brand voice and brand personality when speaking to their audience. Be it explaining how the new rewards redemption programme works or explaining their new product, brand agencies are crucial in helping to develop a specific voice for your brand, which can deepen meaningful connections with consumers.

Why is it important?
✓ Branded messages refer to the content that is being delivered to your consumers. 
It injects your brand voice and personality. Hence, it is important to establish clearly 
your brand persona. 
✓ One-way communications can be engaging, and gives your consumers a chance to shape 
their perspectives and impression. 
✓ Communication allow you to understand your consumers and vice versa.

Branded products

Branded products can run the gamut from physical products all the way to services. What the brand provides (physical customer touchpoints) and how it is packaged to the consumer, are some of the key factors that “convert” users into purchasing. Branding agencies will create a brand guide that includes 

packaging and other designs that weave all aspects of the brand into a great brand experience that many will remember. 

Branded setting

Complementing the digital brand experience is the physical brand experience. In an age where a pandemic is forcing everyone to stay at home, virtual stores have popped up with backgrounds that emphasise the product. A branded setting can be used to describe anything from a storefront to events and even product placement. Creating the right branded setting or branded activation helps consumers positively associate the products and the brand leading to more conversions or for brands — purchases.

Whether youre looking for a branding agency to create branded touchpoints, looking for more info about branding in the digital age, or looking to understand how branding works, drop us a message to figure what touchpoints suit your brand best.

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