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Branding Consultancy in Singapore: What You Can Expect

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Expectations For A Branding Agency Singapore Providing Branding Consulting Services

For those who’re not in the creative field, approaching a branding agency in Singapore without knowing what to expect can seem pretty daunting, and it’s also easy to be dismissive of the work they can deliver for your brand when you’re not sure how they can help. Many brands might even make the mistake of believing a branding campaign is of the lowest priority in an uncertain economy and nothing can be further from the truth.

The plethora of online tools available has made it possible for more competitors to create their own brands and flood the industry. You can follow suit, but you’ll just be another face in the crowd. With a bleak economic outlook, brands should use this as an opportunity to stand out from the sea of competitors and get ahead in the industry for good.

Instead of utilising marketing budgets to achieve short-term objectives, the money can be better spent in creating or reinforcing a brand identity that sticks in the minds of your target audience and guides your marketing efforts for more effective results. In order to achieve such a dramatic goal, this is what you can expect from a branding consultancy:

Creating/Re-Creating Your Brand

Right from the get-go, branding companies can create or re-create a brand identity and brand story for those starting out from scratch and those looking to revamp their brands. Based on thorough research and analysis, they should be able to differentiate your brand from your competitors and etch it in the minds of your desired audience.

Every brand needs an exclusive story. Whether it’s the inspiration behind an inimitable product filling the gaps in the existing market or an innovative solution solving the problems of the modern people, your story is what defines and unites your entire brand moving forward. It creates a personality embodied by each and every one of your team members, whom your customers perceive and base their interactions on.

A brand story is told within all of your brand’s visual representation through a distinct colour palette, a carefully designed logo, and a thoughtfully chosen typography. Each element serves to bring out a deeper meaning and sterling representation of your entire brand identity, not just for show (like gold toilet paper).

At the end of it all, you get an unprecedented brand that is well-thought-out in every aspect, from every angle, in every component and for every channel. It starts from something as simple the stationeries and notebooks to something as big as your website design.

Developing Unique User Experiences

Customer experiences are the future of branding, especially with the pace of technological developments from Virtual Reality (VR) to 4-dimensional films. It’s a race to create unique experiences for your audience in various efforts to emerge from the pack. We’re not just talking about a one-off experiential campaign, we’re looking at a bigger landscape.

Besides drafting a compelling brand story, the branding agency should also think of applying it from a brand experience standpoint for your audience to remember. The experience should be a part of the story, and the story should guide the user experience.

How do you tell if you’ve created a memorable customer experience? When your audience feels they can connect with you on any channel they choose to, whether it’s through the phone, computers or tablets. They should be raving to their friends and family about your brand and how you made them feel, much like a basic white girl going “Oh my god, I literally can’t function without my Venti Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato, Extra Caramel.” That’s when you know you got it right.

360° Brand Strategy

Not just any strategy, but a brand strategy covering every possible angle and channel while staying relevant even in the years to come. This goes beyond just sticking great taglines on nice-looking visuals and calling it an ad.

Great brand strategy comes from extensive research and gruelling tests in determining the best yet original approach for your brand — it could be the definition of a new target audience, refining your packaging, enhancing your messaging or even revamping your logo. Any changes made comes from a strategic perspective of reinforcing your brand in the hearts and minds of your potential customers.

Each component of your brand will be tweaked and adjusted to fit into the strategy, creating a final product of a brand that is cohesive in delivering the same message across the board. The result? A loyal community who willingly steps up as your brand ambassadors and your biggest proponents, just like Trump supporters blindly following the Commander-in-Chief through all the scandals and ‘missteps’.

P.S. Whether it’s a brand strategy or a marketing strategy, we’re a creative agency that can get it done. Don’t be shy and check us out! (;

Long-Term Business Value

Briefly mentioned above, the best branding campaigns trigger an impact that goes far beyond the short-term monetary results, but instead, you’re investing in branding for long-term success. It’s never worth it to sacrifice long-term business value for success in the short run.

A culmination of everything mentioned, the output of a branding team should be timeless and stays relevant despite the fast pace around us. It positions your brand to remain in a strong and enviable position for sustained economic success.

Sometimes you don’t see the value it generates at the beginning, and a certain amount of time might pass before the impact is evident and the numbers starting growing. Don’t start panicking just because you don’t see results after 2 hours. Some trial-and-error is usually involved in this process, but on a whole, there should be a certain sense of confidence in its longevity.

Brand Identity

One of the more tangible deliverables from a branding agency is the branding guidelines upon the conceptualisation of a succinct brand identity. Great branding guidelines detail every element of the brand, which includes but not limited to logos, typography, fonts, taglines, colour palettes, image choices and even tone of voice.

Usage of each brand element is covered across a comprehensive list of scenarios, ensuring your brand is portrayed the way it’s supposed to regardless of the channel or situation. It goes in-depth for each scenario, clarifying how and when to use each element so that your brand remains recognisable. The rationale behind the usage should also be explained to reinforce the brand’s identity for anyone reading it.

As they usually don’t cover day-to-day collaterals, the brand guideline will serve as the bible in your organisation to guide every employee and partnering organisation in using your assets and help them learn about your brand. The by-product of it all is a cohesive team speaking in a singular voice, no matter who is interacting with your brand at any time.

Expect Great, Not Just Good

Branding is a long-term investment and it governs what your brand will be for at least the next 10 years. You don’t want to have a ‘just enough’ or a ‘meh‘ brand, you want it to be impactful. After all, your success is hinging on it. Don’t take on the project and look for a bargain, because you’ll probably get what you pay for.

Be smart about it and make sure the branding partner you bring on creates great, not just good, outputs for you. Whether it’s a logo or a creative campaign, never settle for less than your brand deserves. It’ll be worth it down the stretch.

We shared this with you because we’re confident of delivering and we take pride in giving the best we can for your brand. Ping us if you’re expecting great things for yourself and your brand.

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