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Brand Copywriting Strategy Overview


Share with us a brief description of this project, its context, and its background.
Also, share any problems you are currently having, and struggles you meet.

Project Objectives*

What are the objectives you attempt to meet through this project? What are the desired outcomes you hope for?
Do try to include measurable and quantifiable results wherever possible.

Your Audience and Your Selling Points

The Target Audience*

Who are your business’s target audiences? Think of it, and share some details about who your brand should be speaking to. What are their likely struggles and how your products and services can be useful to them? What are their age, usual habits, their income?
What’s their opinion of your brand, and what is currently obstructing them from becoming your customer?

Desired Audience Reaction*

What is it that you want your audience to know, feel and do?
Share as many details as possible on how you wish your audience will react to the content.

Your Unique Selling Points*

Share with us some of your key messages and information that you would like to incorporate in the copy.

The Creative Angles and Considerations

Brand Tone of Voice*

How do you wish your brand to sound? What are the dos and don’ts when it comes to writing for your brand?
Is there any brand out there you think is similar to yours, or a personality that you would like to emulate?

Localisation Matters*

Are there any language or regional considerations or requirements? Are there any terms that should not be used? Would your brand be taking on any localised twist?

Contextual Knowledge*

Is there any grand context of work that the new content should fit into? Or is it a shift in a new direction?
Any past works that you’d like the new copywriting strategy to align or adhere to?

References & Resources*

Please share with us any additional resources and reference materials (in text, images, or links) that will help us in the research and process of our creative development. This may include, but not limited to: brand guidelines, existing materials or content (such as business plans, technical documentation, current websites, or previous campaign collaterals), and legal considerations.

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