Driven by our passion for all-things-creative, the folks at I Concept are made up of a dynamic group of talented individuals channeling our passion to disrupt and innovate in the creative sphere.

We are a multidisciplinary creative agency at the crossroad of design, art and technology.

We work towards making your vision possible with amazing ideas that
shape positive experiences and build value for brands

We transform brands through our expertise in

Branding and Identity
Responsive Web Design
360° Digital Marketing
Ecommerce Solutions
Search Engine Optimisation
Interactive Annual Reports

The Folks of I Concept

36 creative elves in Singapore and Malaysia.
Hustling and making it all work for you.

"Yes we can! But I don't run iCharity"
Harvey Ang
Marketing Director
"Someday you will go far, and I hope you will stay there"
Fly Wong
Lead Programmer
"I like roti prata with fish curry"
Aishah Rania Eng
Senior Consultant
"What's fo lunch guys - 9am"
Nadia Jamal
Lead Creative Strategist
"I am Peranakan, so don't ask me anything Chinese related"
Melissa Ngoh
Key Account Manager
"I stay nearer to Malaysia than the office"
Zack Onn
Senior Creative Strategist
"Open jio kopi"
Danial Hakim Pua
Art Director
"I'm a Designer, not a Magician"
Vincent Lim
UX Designer
"don't call me Siti"
Siti Munira
Creative Strategist
"Who ate my tim tams"
Keith Lim
Creative Strategist
"Sometimes i wish my monitor is made of chocolate"
Dennis Loh
"It's not a bug, it's a feature"
Travis Wong
"no one ever notices my haircut"
Atikah Effendi
UX Designer
"test my design knowledge but not my patience"
Qurratulaini Salam
UX Designer
"I start the week with a Mon day"
Aye Myat Mon
Zoey Tan
UX Designer
"my clients always make me climb the stairs"
Xindy Jiang
Business Development Consultant
"it's pronounced as fay-yet not fay-ye-ti"
Fayette Kwan
UX Designer
"Hello nani kamsamida"
Dexter Lee
Senior Key Account Executive
“All time is a good time for beer.”
Branding Consultant

Things We Do

😎 Nothing mainstream
🦄 Hate basic
Drink bubble tea
🎖 World-class creative
😍 ‘Sess over the latest advertising campaign
👂🏼 Listen to social media trends
😋 Eat like free

Things We Don't Do

✖️ Compromise quality over speed
✖️ Work round the clock
✖️ Overpromise clients
✖️ Impossible Deadlines
✖️ Free jobs
✖️ Go on price wars
✖️ Outsource
✖️ Say “yes” to bad design or copy
✖️ Changes over WhatsApp

Say Yaaaas to Us



Our work becomes telling of our passion. And that steers us to become forward-thinking in our work. This does not contribute to our occasional passive-aggressive behaviour, doe.



We breathe life into big ideas. We give insight through strategy. We make designs clever through intuition and foresight. We make copy witty and purposeful. We drive impact by leveraging technology.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Nothing ever stays the same in our studio. It just gets better everyday.

Brands you love; digitally enabled by us.

We thrive on challenges. And we live for the results. From digital campaigns to
offline activations, we’re the go-to agency for all things creative.

Singapore Airlines
Web Design

Changing the landscape of aviation through interactive digital discoveries on campaign-level microsites.

Social Media

Realising dreams and enlivening passion through upbeat & social media management.

American Express

Injecting vigour and life to the brand through digital campaigns and mall activations.

Jewel Changi Airport
Game Campaign

Creating creative digital campaigns and engaging gamification experiences via multiple social platforms.

NTUC First Campus
Web Design

Accentuating the thought-leadership standing in the childcare & pre-school through a comprehensive and refreshing website revamp.

Digital Branding

Creating content and wisdom for Singapore’s social service sector of over 450 NCSS member organisations in a Workplace@Facebook platform called GatherHere@Facebook.

Web Design

Destigmatising the medical condition of kidney disease through a refreshing website revamp that uplift spirits and hearts.

Social Media

Empowering Muslim Milennials in Singapore with contextualised Islamic knowledge through dynamic digital content on all social media platforms.

Serendipity Journey
Digital Branding

Establishing a brand voice in a social movement that empowers you to embrace your favourite features and be the best version of yourself.

Get better. Be bolder.

Transform your brand with us today.
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