Creativity Passionate Versatility Cutting Edge Dynamic Understanding

We’re all these and more. The art of
I Concept is in making things work.
We’re both disruptors and innovators in the creative marketing sphere.

Here For You

Born in 2008 in Malaysia, and incorporated in Singapore in 2012, we have helped hundreds of companies tell their stories, collectively assisting them to reach out to millions of customers. As a company, we continuously strive to bring our creative spirit and energies to help partnering businesses tick.


To be Asia’s multidisciplinary creative house, integrating art, technology and life.


We work towards making your vision possible with amazing ideas that shape positive experiences and build value for brands.


We’re a bunch of passionate and enthusiastic people, channelling our passion to disrupt and innovate — by creating moments of brilliance and achieving remarkable returns for our clients.


With a fiery passion governing our actions, we let our minds tread the
roads less travelled and discover opportunities for ourselves and our clients along the way.


Business and social ethics underpin the work we do at I Concept. We value and uphold the highest standards of integrity while ensuring transparency and accountability internally and to our external stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

Good enough doesn’t cut it for us. We’re committed to striving for improvement and driving growth while continuously innovating in all areas of our expertise.


We foster a considerate working environment, encourage development, nurture capabilities, and reward performance when credit is due.


We create and execute disruptive ideas against the conventional norms to make brands meaningful and memorable in modern culture.

All-Rounded Service

We’re delighted to be joining top local agencies to provide creative services to Singapore’s Whole of Government (WOG), including all ministries, statutory boards and organs of state.

We are ready to help craft your key messages and help communicate them to the public.

We are the Magic Makers

We’re a class of creative natives who do the hocus pocus for you.
Get to know us!

Marketing Campaign Lead

"Yes we can! But I don't run iCharity"


Technical Chief Director

"Simple outcome ≠ simple few keys press from keyboard"


General Manager

"Joudan janai wa yo"


Key Account Manager

"I like roti prata with fish curry"


Key Account Manager

"You had me at meow..."


Key Account Executive

"Life is a journey, enjoy every moment"


Senior Art Director

"Life has no CTRL + Z"


Creative Designer

"Make it pop more"

Yi Xin

Creative Designer

"Don't rush the process, good things take time"


Creative Designer

"I'm still thinking of a quote"


Senior Programmer

"Don't Panic! I can fix bugs!"


Senior Programmer

"Good software, like wine, takes time"


Senior Programmer

"It's not a bug, it's a feature"



"I start the week with a Mon day"


Creative Strategist

"Constantly thinking of memes, movies and my dog."


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