Crystal Wines

E-Commerce, Website

Established in 1998, Crystal Wines is a trusted name among private wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Its 1,000 square feet retail store at Valley Point stocks a wide range of quality wine from vineyards across the world, and has become a popular spot for wine lovers. With a built-in wine cellar, counter seating and a cosy corner, it allows guests to taste and enjoy fine wine in good comfort.

With an impressive and extensive portfolio of over 2,000 wines, digitally cataloging them and making them available to shoppers online is the next right step. A different avenue is then born for the brand to promote the wines, including curation of selected Wines of the Month, introducing weekly Special Offers and offering the occasional Bin End wines. The end solution is a one-stop wine destination, with competitive wine storage service and other corporate services such as dinner and networking events, sommelier services and exclusive winery visits.

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