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Do you need a content management system (CMS)?

Web Development

What is CMS? Content management system (CMS) is a tool that can help you upload and create content onto your website and easily manage this published content. They are also great tools for helping you personalize your web design as well, as you will be able to use a variety of templates to ensure that your site looks exactly how you want it to.

But is using a content management system really necessary in order to create a good website? It’s true that there are other ways to build, design, and continually manage a site, but some people still think that using a CMS is the most effective one.

Are you confused as to whether you should use a CMS for your own site? Don’t worry; it shouldn’t be a difficult decision. You just need to think about what your needs and requirements are and if there is a CMS that can help you with them.

If you are still pondering whether you should use a content management system, these next few pointers should help you make your decision.

A CMS Won’t Give You Complete Control Over Your Site

If you do decide to go with a content management system, such as Wordpress which is a popular CMS in Singapore, you need to understand that you won’t have 100% control over your website. This is often fine for those who just want to publish their content and create a smart design. However, if you then decide you want to drastically change the look of the site, you might have some issues if you can’t find a Wordpress template that doesn’t quite meet your requirements. Not only that, though, but some types of content might not be supported by their interface. So, if you do want to retain quite a bit of control over the exact look of your site and want some niche content on it, it could be best to work with professional website design company who is specialised in CMS website design and development.

Does A CMS Fit Into Your Budget?

Even though signing up for a Wordpress account and using their basic templates are both free, if you do want to use some of its more advanced and sophisticated features, you will need to pay for them. Even though this won’t be too expensive, it’s still necessary to double check your budget to make sure that you can afford this content management system. Even though Wordpress is open sourced, that doesn’t mean that it is completely free! You also need to be realistic when thinking about how big your site will be and how much content and date you want to upload to it. The bigger it is, then the pricier it will get.

How Often Do You Expect Content Updates?

One of the best things about Wordpress is that it is really easy for users to keep on updating and adding new content. This is probably why it has been so successful in the blogging world. You just use its blog feature so that you can add new blog posts and articles whenever you want. Of course, if you won’t be continually updating your site and adding new content, then you might not actually need to use a CMS. After all, you won’t have any content that needs managing!

Are You Ready For Ongoing Maintenance?

When you upload all of your content onto a content management system, your website will then largely be controlled by the system. If you want to change anything, you will have to do so within what the system allows. Alternatively, you could try to hack some extra features in if you are a whizz with code. Of course, you can always hire a team of professional web developer if you do want to try to deviate from the CMS’s styles and templates. This might require regular maintenance, though, so is something you need to think carefully about. Will you definitely be up for all of that ongoing maintenance if you do decide to go with a CMS?

As you can see then, there is certainly a lot to think about when it comes to getting a content management system. For most people who want a website, it will make sense for them to use an affordable and user-friendly service like Wordpress. But it certainly will be worth thinking it through carefully before you do commit to a CMS. Then you will be able to see what is best for your own needs and requirements. Either way, though, you will certainly be able to make a great website that really represents the best of your company or blog!

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