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eCommerce Singapore: Questions To Ask For New Businesses

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Phase 2 is finally here! That means the resumption of physical shops but not the end of eCommerce. If you’ve just heard about eCommerce business, fret not because this article is just for you. We’re here to talk about questions you should ask as a business looking to get into eCommerce. In addition, as a Pre-Approved@SMEs GoDigital Vendor who provides eCommerce solutions, we’ll also talk about some of the new policies which can help you as well as the Productivity Solutions Grant to help you go digital. Before you click out, some of the questions we’ll answer are – why should I start an eCommerce site, how to start an eCommerce business in Singapore, what do I need to know about eCommerce business, do I need a web design agency (the answer is yes, you do) and what can a web design agency do for you. eCommerce is vital in this digital age and online shopping trends are definitely going to be around for a long time, even more so with COVID-19.

Let’s get into it!

Why should I start an eCommerce site?

Starting an eCommerce website will help you to reach online audiences better and those whom you normally wouldn’t be able to reach via brick and mortar stores. In essence, it’s your virtual shop front. Here’s also how your offline business can start selling online fast. However, one of the biggest reasons to start is that the eCommerce industry is poised to be worth USD$27 Trillion in 2021. Don’t you want a slice of that pie? eCommerce is also able to provide for customers in different timezones. We would say that’s great for businesses that previously had to deal with working hours and low human traffic.  

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What should know when starting an eCommerce site


Before you start, adding an eCommerce site is simply adding an extra function to your existing site. For those using a WordPress site, a fast way to add on an eCommerce store is to use WooCommerce for a seamless experience. 


If you’re looking for a customised eCommerce site, there should be some time factored in to allow for extra work to be done. Take into consideration planning for marketing activities to launch your eCommerce site, and the preparatory work that goes into the launch and sustenance of the eCommerce site. 


If you are offering products, you can also consider investing in product photography to provide your consumers with a better idea of what you’re offering. Short films or videos can also enhance your site and brand perception.

Social Media

Having a good social media plan to publicise your efforts and products/services is a great way to get your name out there. With almost 49% of the world’s population on social media, having an online campaign is a great way to reach a wider audience. Speak to our strategists about how you can start your digital marketing plans for 2020! 

Search Engine Optimisation

Now that you have a website, you’ve to get that website discovered. How else can potential customers discover your brand amidst a saturated market? Search Engine Optimisation could be that difference. With everyone relying on Google for almost everything, the market is huge for you to tap on. Choose a creative agency that harnesses its SEO capabilities to improve your brand presence within your industry. 

Which web design agency do I choose?

How do you choose the right website design agency? Basically you’ve got to consider factors like the agency’s website for starters. If their website looks good, chances are high that they know what they’re doing. Look at their portfolio and most importantly, speak to them to see how they can add value to your brand and bring it to the next level. 

What can a web design agency do for me?

What a web design agency can do is provide eCommerce solutions along with expert advice. 

They can advise on the following:

  • Payment Gateway Options – Using payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe can reassure your customers that their information is safe and secure.
  • A Mobile-Responsive Design – Get a website that optimises the content showed for the best user experience.
  • Search Engine Optimised – It is getting more important in a crowded digital sphere to stand out. A site that is discoverable by search engine crawlers and shown to potential customers early in Google searches is highly recommended. You can also drop us a message about SEO packages. 🙂
  • Technical Support – Tech support to help you when some days, the system just doesn’t want to cooperate.
  • A Productivity Solutions Grant-Approved Vendor – Available for small to medium-sized local enterprises, we are an approved PSG vendor by Enterprise Singapore which provides up to 80% subsidy for eCommerce solutions.

If you’re looking for a digital solution to raise the operational efficiency and productivity of your Singapore business, you’d be happy to know that we’re an IMDA-approved digital creative agency ourselves and we’re definitely confident in supporting your business needs for the best value at a subsidised rate. Simply drop us a message and we can have a chat!

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