What does a typical SEO growth journey look like?

Upon project confirmation, our SEO team will research and identify up to 20 keywords (consisting of both longtail and shorttail keywords) to focus on and optimise. The keywords will then be sent to you for confirmation and revision, if necessary.

Next, we enter an intense 16 weeks Optimisation Period, where content articles with rich keyword density will be published on your website, every 2 – 4 weeks. This helps your website gain traction with the Googlebots and related crawlers. On-page optimisation also happens during this time, with the regular creation (and revision) of SEO-friendly content within the website. Our SEO team will keep tabs on the progress and any Google SERP outcome. We’ll also track the rankings towards the end of the optimisation period.

Thereafter, we’ll follow up with periodic and regular (most likely monthly) reports on the outcome of the ranking status. You’ll see the difference SEO makes.

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