What is the design process like for a branding project?

Branding includes everything from brand conception (or rebranding conception), naming (an option for new businesses or brands), logo design, to the colour and font selection, and a guide to using them. Your brand is your company’s identity, and it is deeply embedded in everything you do.

That is why we take the time to understand your business needs, as well as the industry, to create a brand that fully reflects who you are as a company.

Our approach involves an initial learning phase, where we get to know your business and your needs in-depth, understanding about your products and services, mission and values, and any preferences. From there, our creative team will research and review them, before working on exciting concepts to present to you. We take the time to test the logo concepts on various media types to see how they work. And together, we refine your logo and visuals from there.

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