Google Ads

Get the best out of Google and captivate your target audience across the different platforms.

As our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts gradually show results, you can still get traffic using Google’s advertising and marketing tools. With a sufficient media budget, your brand will be shown to millions worldwide, in whichever format you choose.

Whether you’re into text-based ads or long-form videos, Google has got so many different platforms for you to display your brand. Don’t let that scare you, just leave it in the hands of a Google Partner to manage it for you.

Display Advertising & Google Display Network (GDN)

Similar to social media marketing, anything visual goes in Google’s Display Advertising. Once you segment your target audience, you can be sure of your brand’s graphics reaching everyone that is remotely interested in it.  Lacking the graphics?

Unsure of the dimensions? Don’t know what kind of audience to target? It can seem a little complex for a first-timer, but not to a 783th-timer though.

We’ll have your ads up and running within Google’s network in no time, including Youtube advertising and millions of websites and applications.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Targeting audience with cost-effective keywords and strategic text-based ads is the basis of Pay Per Click Advertising, also known as Search Engine Marketing. It’ll become the first thing anyone sees in their Google searches.

We’ll find the best keywords for you. We’ll write the most compelling adverts for you. You just need to provide the budget.

Don’t move your brand to the people. It’s easier to bring them to you.

Put your brand on the front page today

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