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Top 3 Trends of ECommerce Design in 2019

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Now that we’re halfway through 2019, it’s clear that some eCommerce website design trends in Singapore are here to stay. 

Riding on the right trends can improve your eCommerce website design, which is the backbone of your users’ online shopping experience. When your virtual store provides a smooth user journey, customers are more likely to return for additional purchases and recommend your brand to their peers.

However, it can be confusing to sift through all of the trends of Ecommerce in Singapore and determine the best ones to adopt. Need help choosing the right trends you should leverage on? Here are our top 3 picks for the year 2019.

#1 Chatbots

Cold, inefficient and unnatural are no longer the terms people use to describe chatbots. Thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology, chatbots are now a key component of a good eCommerce website.

The main flaw of any eCommerce website is the lack of in-store employees to assist customers. Chatbots are the next best solution to guide them through the virtual store. Now that they are smarter, they can personalise their interaction with each customer and better communicate with them.

An example of an effective chatbot is H&M’s Kik chatbot, which functions as a personal shopping assistant.

H&M Chatbot

Taken from The Washington Post

After asking questions about the customer’s fashion style, the bot will give customised outfit recommendations based on the learned preferences. Apart from providing an interactive shopping experience, the bot also collects user insights.

By tailoring and enhancing user experience through chatbots, you can meet your user needs efficiently. Eventually, this will translate into more opportunities for you to grow your brand.

Interested in leveraging on new trends in your eCommerce website design? Contact an eCommerce website design in Singapore to discuss the best way to use it for your e-store.

#2 Voice Searches

Voice commerce is set to become the next big thing in eCommerce. In a recent report, the voice commerce market is expected to grow from $2.5 billion to $80 billion by 2023.

In contrast to text-based searches, voice search allows users to shop hands-free. Smart speakers only need their voice and a virtual assistant such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to make a purchase. This makes it more convenient for customers to multitask.

Voice search is also a practical channel for the handicapped who face difficulties in typing or using a mouse. Hence, going into this new market can help you become a more inclusive and diverse brand. 

As shoppers begin to rely on voice assistants for their online purchases, your brand must step up to capitalise on this opportunity. Consider integrating a voice search option into your eCommerce website to speed up your user journey. 

#3 Micro-interactions

Sometimes, it’s the little things that satisfy your users.

Micro-interactions are the moments when your website design and users interact. These are subtle design features that aren’t necessarily needed for your online store to function.

Nonetheless, these little design elements can effectively enhance your user experience and journey. Some common micro-interactions include confirmation messages, sound effects to verify payment and animated transitions between different pages.

An example of a micro-interaction is the favourite function on eCommerce platform Ezbuy. When users favourite an item, the empty heart icon will turn orange and a confirmation message will appear.

Ezbuy Micro-interaction

Taken from Ezbuy

Although this seems like a simple feature, it gives users the reassurance that their action has been completed.

Micro-interactions can give a personality and breathe life into your virtual store. This is a great way to improve user experience, so don’t hesitate to include some into your eCommerce website.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that we’ve laid out the top eCommerce trends, it’s up you to decide which to apply for your online store. As brands increasingly focus on the face of their online store, you need to start integrating the latest trends to stand out.

Keeping up with the trends helps you build to the best eCommerce design, which is essential to make your brand recognisable and successful.

Keen to get a mid-year revamp for your eCommerce website design? Approach an eCommerce website design agency who stays updated with the latest trends today.

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