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Top 5 UI/UX Design Trends of 2019 To Look Out For

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Top UI/UX Design Trends for 2019

Though commonly coined together, User Experience (UX) design is essentially a result of a User Interface (UI) design. While UI focuses on the sole visual aspect of any design, UX on the other hand, determines the effectivity of that same design. Prioritising speed and a design-first approach, the age of design is perpetually evolving faster than ever. Let us delve into what’s hot this 2019 in the UI/UX field.

3D Graphics

Demanding exquisite expertise for it to be executed, 3D graphics have well earned a spot in the top UI/UX design trends of 2019. Appearing more sophisticated and pleasing for the human eye, 3D graphics have vastly been integrated in various web and mobile interfaces. Piquing web visitors’ interests, incorporating 3D graphics into your website design is a big advantage for your product or service in the UI design aspect. There is no telling if this trend is here to stay, but it is a good time to hop on the bandwagon. Check out this example by Earth 2050:

animation graphic design 2019 trends
Via Earth 2050

Show and Tell

Planning design elements on a site blueprint-style sometimes takes focus away from the bigger picture: user experience and your design goals. Try presenting user flow like you’re telling a story – it helps to go through the design process much more creatively, yet while keeping the end-user in mind. This is achieved by understanding the end user’s intent from the initial stage all the way through completing a goal. Undeniably, there is a rise in the number of graphic designers exploring the best ways to present information while aiding faster decision making. Driving the design-first approach, this is also why it is a rising hot trend of visual storytelling this year. Here is our favourite example from NASA Slack:

visual storytelling 2019 trends
Photo courtesy of HubSpot

AR and VR

You can call 2019 the breakthrough year for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The effect it has on end-users is one that is not replicable and it’s transforming the way we live today. The way we interact with information has progressed. So if you’re planning for AR or VR for your brand, it is best to explore the distinct Augmented And Virtual Reality Trends. It is steadily becoming integral is the face of design due to the fact that it enhances both UI and UX of a design. Beyond strengthening the end user’s experience, this pushes the boundaries for designers as they are forced to push in terms of innovation and creativity. Seeing the merge of design and technology, AR and VR provides depth and positions your brand or product in the forefront of any industry. Explore how McDonald’s Sweden launched the Happy Goggles, where they made Happy Meal Boxes turn into Virtual Reality headsets.

augmented reality website design 2019 trends
Via McDonald’s Sweden


Moving away from pure static imagery, animations have become a design trend favourite this 2019. Being able to provide dynamics and captivate the audience’s attention, web animation is one that makes the entire user experience more human. How the end user feels interacting with your website is part and parcel of the UI/UX journey and adding animations is one impactful way to entice end-users. Of course, we had to do it too:

website design singapore trends 2019
Via I-Concept Singapore

Buttonless Navigation

In a world of buttonless phones, it is imperative for buttonless navigations to have a spot in the top 5 UI/UX design trend of 2019. This trend is slowly creeping up to be a crowd favourite. While it saves space on-screen, it is also an interactive way of engaging end-users by using gestures to navigate websites. Explore this example from the Encyclopedia App, which accurately demonstrates how data is presented with the initiation of gestures with zero buttons the layout. Whether this trend is here to stay or not, we can only stay to find out. As we approach the new year, there are also some web design features to keep your eyes peeled on, on top of buttonless navigation. Let’s take a look at our favourite social media platform, Instagram. There is no presence of buttons on any Instagram story and that’s the beauty of it. Simply tap left and right to view the previous or next story. It’s that simple.

instagram design 2019
Via Instagram


Staying on top of trends can be a challenge. The more end-users are exposed to, the more they’d expect. But here’s the catch – the most user-friendly trends stay longer in the world of website design. So how do you make your website stand out in this sea of design trends?

Come have a chat with our folks if you’re looking for effective ways to increase the usability of user interface and experience of your website.

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