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What Singapore SMEs Should Know About Google Ads Pros And Cons

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Small and medium enterprises are the backbones upon which modern Singapore businesses are transacted. Their dependence has been due to their accessibility and offering of relevant products required by the average customer for their day to day activities. The ability to relate to this form of doing business has further been reinforced with the exponential development of the internet, and its ability to work seamlessly with the internet hence makes it an appropriate tool to reach the more than 2 billion shoppers sprawling the internet for services and products.

The internet is a digital space where buyers and sellers interact to share products’ specs, prices, and order for goods and services. Google, which is the ‘mother’ of all search engines has made work easier for both its users and prospective marketers. The establishment of Google ads has enabled small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to acquire adequate visibility for the businesses by paying a certain amount of fee for ad spots on websites. The phenomenon is enabled by Google, and its constituent advertising platform is known as Google Ads. Google Ads or Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online marketing strategy that enables businesses to place their web pages on top of search engines’ searches with the help of funded advertising platforms.

Singapore has been growing exponentially in all aspects of life. The country pride itself for almost 100% internet connectivity penetration. The country is digitally connected, to the extent that it could be assumed its entire population exists on the internet. The good internet coverage has created a conducive atmosphere for entrepreneurs and their businesses to reach all spheres of its citizen while solving their needs at the convenience of their devices.

Google Ads offer unprecedented exposure to business while roping in new leads with a high possibility of conversion into customers. The following advantages distinguish Google ads from other forms of search engine marketing.

Focuses on precise customers

The key distinguisher of Google ads is its ability to pinpoint a target and focus on it. Customer conversion is the ultimate goal of Google ads. To ensure high conversion of leads, it centres on the perfect client whose needs resonate with your brand. The fundamental for targeting the appropriate clientele requires a business owner to thoroughly identify the customs and routines of the intended consumers of a product. These expansive marketing perspectives enable proper distinction of necessary marketing platforms with the requisite ability to keep contact with prospective clients.

Google Ads provides the ability to zero in on the ideal customers for your marketing drive. Google ads achieve this by keenly employing the use of definite expressions or words in advertisements regarding services and products similar to your offerings. The ability to cast your marketing net appropriately to capture all dimensions of your customer’s needs is important because discerning clients from non-clients energizes your campaign by improving its scope. An example of this, a product that is hazardous to infants would be cancelled for grownups who are still parenting infants.

Fast establishing

The ability to ensure fast and immediate use of a product is what always attract any busy fellow, hence the reason why they solicit the use of your product. Easy to establish and use marketing platforms allows SMEs owners to save the valuable resource called time. Small business owners do not have time to dilly-dally on unimportant matters because, in SMEs, time is directly proportional to cash generated into a business. Hence, loss of time means loss of money, the fundamental of starting any business.

According to the director of content advertising at Disruptive Advertising clarifies that Google as a business in itself is desperate to access your money. Therefore, they make it simple to advertise. They do this by simplifying the process of creating an account and marketing on AdWords. All you have to do as a business owner is search Google AdWords and click on the ‘Start now’ prompt, and enter your email address and the URL of your website, and you are good to go.


Businesses regardless of location or size, are always cash-tied. Plagued with miscellaneous fees and operational costs, a business does not have the leisure of accruing surplus marketing cost. Advance in online marketing has broadened the scope of advertising, easing monetary obligations on a business owner.

Google Ads allow you to select a regular campaign financial plan depending on your marketing objectives. It is flexible allowing a user to alter their budget at one’s convenience.

Develops a variety of Ad styles

Because customers and their wants cannot be the same, it is important to address prospective clients. Therefore, it is important to interact with them in the manner and place that they are most comfortable. Google Ads ensure this by providing the various ads layout such as video, application, search and display. Search advertisements manifest themselves when a user enter your keywords in the Google search engine.

Video ads pop-up on YouTube

The adaptability of ads assists your goal of converting many leads to clients by your ads constituting your customers’ shopping routine rather than bother.

As it is known, nothing that is entirely good lacks its downside. Google Ads have the certain limitation that could discourage its use.

Stringent Policies

To ensure that Google Ads are used optimally, it is necessary to abide by their rules whether or not you concur with them. It is vital to understand the terms of use before you start using a platform so that you adept at navigating the platform. For example, Google Ads has policies that restrict the marketing of fake or distasteful products.

Highly competitive

Competition for marketing of like products has increased over a couple of years. With the use of Google and its constituents’ platforms to market products, advertising of services or products using like keywords you are required to pay handsomely to market to that segment. Hence, you are caught in outbidding each other for the necessary keywords. It leads to the use of excess funds to advertise your product. Hence, you are forced to use inferior keywords which come cheaply but does not support your marketing objectives. It is vital to assess the level of competition in your segment for informed decision-making regarding the use of keywords.

Skilled Supervision

To harness the capabilities of your advertising tool the maximum, it is necessary to possess necessary advertising proficiencies. It is important to figure out the best advertising tool for your product to avoid wastages and wastage of time. Google Ads require skills of a professional or an agency for proper execution of its function. Consultancy may include outsourcing consulting professional to help you with the management of your Google Ad in the early stages of your business.

To conclude, Google Ads is the ultimate advertising tool for small and medium enterprises because of its accessibility and its ability to stock all your advertising needs under one platform. Therefore to ensure your business in Singapore is Google Ads compliant, seek the services of highly experienced digital advertising agencies to help you steer seamlessly through the obstacles of marketing your business.

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