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4 Marketing Tips for Brands During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced stores to close down, people to work remotely and some businesses to completely shut down. Despite it all, a handful of brands have rose to the occasion to put their best foot forward in showing their solidarity to combat this virus. In times of crisis like these, brands need to be useful during COVID-19 as modes of influence. Creative agencies in Singapore are aplenty and the chance to be creative is just as many. But before that, here are some of our favourite marketing tips from brands!

  • Amplifying Social Distancing Measures

The athletic footwear and apparel giant, Nike, took it in their stride to advocate safe measures. With a social media marketing campaign, the brand managed to remind all of us to play our parts and stay home in their own flavour. Simple yet strong, Nike effectively reminded its audience that ‘playing inside’ is what we can do for the world to recover from this epidemic. On top of that, the company also contributed more than $17M in aid of COVID-19 efforts. Not only does it reassure the masses, but this also moulds consumer behaviour when brands or companies act as opinion leaders.

  • Disseminating Information Effectively

In Singapore, we’re all victims of our boomer parents spreading misinformation and fake news on WhatsApp and we’re (almost) sick of it. As this millenial said:


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Indeed! But here’s how companies from the tech industry are contributing in their own ways. For one, WhatsApp partnered with companies like the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Unicef to release a WhatsApp Coronavirus Hub. To ensure we are feeding off from the right sources and how we can detect the spread of false information.

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Telegram, on the other hand, due to its limitless features, has allowed thousands of people to subscribe to credible channels like Gov.sg and Channel News Asia for the latest news and updates on happenings around us. Plus, Gov.sg even answers commonly asked questions to ensure it’s staying connected and standing by its people, especially during these times. It’s free, it relays accurate information and our parents can stop sending us weird chain messages! Kudos to these instant messaging platforms for such efforts! 👏🏼

  • Going the extra mile

Athletic wear companies like New Balance and Under Armour are also contributing to relief efforts. While New Balance is working to produce personal face masks, Under Armour is working through COVID-19 to support local hospitals by working to produce face masks and hospital gowns. Talk about being useful — this puts the brands in an extremely positive light! The way brands are communicating to its consumers is constantly evolving and this is a great time to shed light on what values they believe in.

  • Launching ads

Positive effort or not, we leave it to your judgement! But here’s how Circles.Life rode on the wave of COVID-19. A witty take on Dettol — our favourite soap that kills 99.9% germs — this Singapore telco took the opportunity to drop a new plan that “protects you 100% against telco contracts, bill shocks” and more. Although the Facebook post garnered a fair share of backlash, it had attracted that many eyeballs on its ad. It is a question of ethics of trying to profit from a pandemic that many consumers are against. Nevertheless, it is a learning point for us. Brands are embedded in our daily lives, and it is crucial to ensure that your brand values are not compromised while working towards successful creative campaigns.

That’s it for our round-up of interesting initiatives by brands who are all contributing in their own little ways to slow the spread of the virus. If you’re looking to create an impactful, yet meaningful campaign, holla at our brand guardians and we’re more than keen on spicing things up for you.

Till then, remember to stay home and stay happy! 😉

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