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5 Things Brands Can Do As We #StayHome For COVID-19

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Given the community spread of COVID-19, it’s no surprise that we’re now in virtual lockdown (CB la) with many businesses working from home since 7 April. Many brands are looking at an extended period of being stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean they have to be unproductive. From creative campaigns to improving your website design, staying home can become a period of self-reflection and self-improvement!

Even if your business relies on a physical presence, there’s nothing stopping you from working on your brand to prepare for your re-opening post-COVID-19. And perhaps, now is the time to explore ecommerce solutions for your business, really.

In the wise words of Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

Opportunities For Branding And Creative Campaigns Singapore

For you folks stuck at home thinking of what to do for your brand, here are the 5 things you can focus during this stay-home period (from the perspectives of a creative agency in Singapore):

Revamp Your Website

We said it once, and we’ll say it again: it’s important to invest in good website design. Your website is the face of your brand, it’s worth making it look good.

Since you’re staying home, why not give your brand a facelift? Explore the possibility of a new layout, a new interactive element or just a fresh new look in preparation for your grand re-opening after this crisis has died down.

As long as you adhere to web design guidelines for usability and user experience, feel free to run wild with your ideas for your website revamp project.

If and like ‘IF’, you have the budget, you can consider opting for a creative web developer to get it well.

Plan For The Future

No no, we’re not trying to sell you a financial savings plan or an insurance plan, neither are we going to ask you to come out for a cup of coffee to catch-up (not that we can now anyway). We’re simply asking you to look ahead.

You don’t need to ask the stars, the moon or the coconuts (this one we need to ask our neighbours across the causeway) to plan for the future, you just need proper research and a clear direction. Take this ‘break’ to iron out your direction moving ahead and how you intend for your brand to continue thriving in the post-COVID period.

Whether it is preparing marketing and promotional strategies or a future store opening (glass half-full, we know), it doesn’t hurt to get a clearer picture for your business and guide it towards the path that smells like success.

Automate Something

When people think of automation, they think of some fancy technology involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) but that could not be further from the truth.

What does a creative agency know about automation?

Well, we’re special (; Having helped a couple of our clients improve their existing workflows and operations with technology, we can safely say that it’s not as daunting as people make it out to be. It can be something as simple as creating a platform to connect your customers with your suppliers, a form to compile your orders, or even an appointment system to schedule your appointments without clashes.

If it’s legit enough, the government is even willing to subsidise up to 80% of it with an Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). Well here’s what you need to know: SMEs get subsidies of up to 80%; while non-SMEs can get up to 60% of qualified costs from 1 April 2020 to 31 December 2020. That being said, do consider your existing operation processes, and look at the ways you can improve it with automation. Chances are you going to find it, and then you can find us after.

Go Digital

Not sure if you’ve seen this meme, but this depicts the current digitalisation movement pretty well:

Digital Marketing, Branding, Creative Agency Singapore, Digital Agency Singapore

(Taken from Forbes)

Jokes aside, digitalisation is the only way you can keep your business going now, which makes this a great time to march into your finance department (if you’ve one) and get a budget to help your brand go digital ASAP.

Website development or an eCommerce website design, it’s pretty awesome to have a platform that your consumers can reach you at any time and anywhere, regardless of a lockdown.

PSA: For those planning to get an eCommerce in Singapore today, the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) has also been upgraded to provide up to 80% subsidy!

Try Digital Marketing

While the physical footfall is non-existent for those brands that considered ‘non-essential’, marketing doesn’t have to stop. If you already have a website or eCommerce up and running, it’s time to try your hand (if you haven’t already) at digital marketing.

Thanks to the social media giants of today, marketing can continue and even thrive during this lockdown period through digital platforms.

Just hop on over to the Facebook or Google Ads manager and experiment with a few advertisements. It might take some trial and error but with an effective marketing strategy, appealing visuals and a clear message, you could be reaching millions of people within Singapore.

Prefer to skip the trial and error process? You can always approach an agency to develop a creative campaign that is suited for your brand!

A Creative Agency That Gets It Done

We got this, no like, seriously we do. For everything that’s on this list, we are a unique creative agency that is capable of doing all of these for you. Be it a supervisory role or a hands-on application, our team is capable of advising, strategising and even executing the above-mentioned projects for your brand.

Talk to our brand guardians and let’s work together to knock your competitors out of the park when the lockdown is lifted!

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