Agency for Intergrated Care

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The Brand
The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) aims to create a vibrant care community for our people to live well and age gracefully. AIC coordinates and supports efforts in integrating care to achieve the best care outcomes for their clients. They reach out to caregivers and seniors with information on staying active and ageing well, and connect people to services they need. They also support partners in strengthening their capability to deliver quality care, and bring partners together to meet the needs of our ageing population.

The Objective
To reach out to the general public by creating and managing content for AIC Facebook page and AIC With You Blog, and to reach out to community care professionals by creating and managing content for mosAIC Facebook page and mosAIC Blog

The Solution
Curated relevant content for the different platforms and their target audiences by condensing lengthy information into bite-sized content that is visually appealing.

Created a consistent look and feel for both Facebook pages to increase brand recognition and help audiences differentiate between the 2 pages.

Social Media Buy Strategy

One of the client’s objective was to help them differentiate the 2 Facebook pages they have which in turn improves communication with their intended audiences. As such, we created different audiences for the 2 pages, each having a niche focus that targets the intended audience.

We did a combination of different Ad objectives to achieve the client’s goals of a healthy page with many followers. By proposing a good mix of different content, we ran Page Like, Post Engagement and Web Traffic ads to ensure the monthly statistics grows towards the end KPI.

Based on the ad performance, we also made recommendations to improve upcoming ad buys and organised quarterly reviews. For this account, the ad results have shown to grow after our quarterly reviews, showing that our insights and recommendations do work well.

AIC Facebook Posts

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