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The Brand
Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey (MASJ) is a social movement initiated by Merz Asia Pacific. Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey™ is the realisation that you can be as beautiful as you feel on the inside and out. It is a journey of delightful discoveries to find the features you love the most about yourself and the feeling of being empowered to pursue the best version of yourself by enhancing it in balance with the rest of your features through aesthetic treatments and embracing self-confidence and self-happiness thereafter.

The Objective
As this is a new initiative, the objective is to create awareness for this social movement.

  • Designing, developing and managing the campaign website
  • Creating the social media pages for Facebook and Instagram
  • Constantly creating articles for the website.
  • Creating compelling and relevant content for the campaign’s Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Community management for the social media platforms.
  • Strategizing digital media plan and media buying for key campaigns (such as building page followers for both social media platforms) and social media posts.
  • Coming up with all creative and copy assets required

The Results
I Concept is the appointed agency to deliver the objectives. We managed to grow our Facebook and Instagram audience to over 44,500 and 5,000 respectively. Actively achieving towards reducing the bounce rate of the website as well, currently it averages at 60%.

Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey | Social Media Posts

Our Designs
Keeping to their theme and branding, we created various festive posts and engagement campaigns to help promote the My Serendipity Journey movement.

Increase of 44,500 followers for the Facebook page.
Increase of 5,000 followers for the Instagram page.

MASJ Facebook Profile

MASJ Facebook Posts

MASJ Instagram Profile

MASJ Instagram Post ‘International Women’s Day 2019’

MASJ Instagram Post ‘Christmas 2018’

MASJ Social Media Campaign ‘Beauty is ____’

MASJ Instagram Post ‘Valentine’s Day’

MASJ Website

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