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New Brand


Feng Xiang is a new F&B brand in Singapore, offering traditional, authentic and great tasting dishes from Klang.

The Challenge
As a start-up, Feng Xiang did not have the skillset and knowledge to grow their business. They had to introduce new flavours to unfamiliar local diners and ensure that their authentic taste is well communicated to the public. To also create a sense of familiarity with consumers, it was also essential to have a visual identity that is relatable.

The Objectives
Feng Xiang approached us to work on its branding, so as to:

  • Create a set of brand identity that resonates with diners and partners, blending both traditional and contemporary.
  • Generate better brand awareness and brand recall among diners.
  • Push for consistency between brand touchpoints, which is important as the business continues to expand.

Feng Xiang | Branding

Keywords: Family Heritage, Traditional, Authentic
Feng Xiang | Logo & Tagline

Logo Variations

Feng Xiang | Colour Palette Guide
Feng Xiang | Typography Guide
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Feng Xiang | Social Media
Feng Xiang | Website
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