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Flexi-Travel + Travel Smart Journeys 2.0 Campaign
LTA introduced Travel Smart Journeys (TSJ) back in 2020 as a trial which benefited the residents in Punggol, Sengkang or Buangkok who need to get to their workplaces in eastern Singapore. Commuters were incentivised to switch their travel from trains to bus service 43e, which will take them directly to major employment centres in MacPherson, Paya Lebar and Marine Parade. TSJ was relaunched in Q1/2023, termed TSJ 2.0, along with flexi-travel messaging to encourage commuters to retime/remode/reduce (3Rs)

The Objectives

The overall campaign aims to encourage NEL commuters to switch their travel patterns through behavioural nudges to reduce peak travel, by

  • Highlighting the benefits of the 3Rs
  • Generating awareness of the alternative travel routes and good flexi-travel practices
  • Inspiring more commuters to change their travel patterns

The Solution

We were tasked by LTA to craft various collaterals such as MRT platform screen doors, OOH walkway banners, bus stop posters, social media and mobile banners. We came up with isometric illustrations drawn from scratch to relay the message clearly to the target audience, that are eye-catching and easy to understand.

LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | Key Visual

LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | MRT North-East Line Platform Screen Doors

LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | Bus Stop and MRT Poster

LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | OOH Walkway Banner

LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | Social Media

LTA Instagram Post

LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | Transitlink Simply Go App Banners

LTA Flexi-Travel + TSJ 2.0 | Transitlink Simply Go Website Banners

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