DBS Gastrobeats | Ignite Your Spark – Money Matchmaker

Website, Interactive, Creative Design


The Event: DBS Ignite Your Spark [i Light Singapore and Gastrobeats 2023]

DBS – the presenting sponsor of i Light Singapore 2023, Asia’s leading sustainable light festival that took place from 1 to 25 June 2023. Featuring a variety of immersive games, multi-sensory experiences and Instagram-worthy visual installations, DBS invites festival goers to “Ignite Your Spark” by bringing out the best in themselves and paying it forward to help shape a better, brighter world.

The Objectives

One of the game within this immersive area is called the Money Matchmaker. To attract festival goers’ attention, elements have to be engaging and interactive.

The Solution

We were tasked to design this game. Utilising a cute style of illustrations with critter-like elements, we are able to draw the attention of the festival goers to play this game.

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