The Rowan Tree



The Rowan Tree is a new English Enrichment Centre in Singapore. Its name is a symbol of courage, wisdom and protection. Its resilience allows it to flourish in varying environmental conditions. Bearing rich fruits, the rowan tree has been a source of nutrients and health for centuries. In the same way, The Rowan Tree hopes to nurture their students to become resilient individuals with the tenacity to overcome challenges. They hope to be able to sow seeds of inquisitiveness in independent learners.

The Challenges

The Rowan Tree already has the symbolism of their brand name. They require the expertise of a creative agency to craft a brand identity that will resonate with their Vision. They also needed an eCommerce website to offer their courses and class trials. (website still WIP)

The Objectives

I Concept was approached to work on:

  • Create a set of brand identity that resonates with their target audience
  • Generate brand awareness, reach and brand recall
  • Design and develop an eCommerce website
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