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Digital Marketing in 2020: Podcast Marketing and Why It Matters

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In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard what a podcast is, this definition is for you: A podcast is essentially a pre-recorded audio programme that is uploaded to an audio streaming platform where the general audience is able to access it. We’re talking about apps like iTunes, Spotify, where podcasters gain massive followings on. Although on a slow trajectory, podcasting is still gaining popularity amongst various groups of people. In order to promote these podcasts and gain listenership, marketing comes into play. Podcast marketing can come with a bit of work but is definitely a worthwhile effort today. So if you’re looking to expand your efforts on digital marketing in Singapore, stick around a little longer.

The Rise of Podcasts

The number one thing we all lack these days amidst the hustle and the bustle of life is the leisure of time. And so conveniently, the number one thing the majority of us are addicted to is our phones. So this essentially means, podcasts have been accessible to us more readily than ever. You may know by now that podcasts cover generally just about anything under the sun — from music to comedy or even educational content. Podcasting is not a completely new thing but still an untapped market as compared to other marketing channels. Even if you are foreign to podcasts, I’m also sure you’ve heard the mention of it. From local content creators like Dee Kosh and ex-radio deejays like KC (Misteri Jam 12 or Mystery at 12 o’clock) or the trio at OKLETSGO who do podcasting full time in Singapore, there has been a significant increase in the number of people hopping on the podcasting bandwagon. On a more global level, about 55% of the US population have listened to a podcast in 2020 alone. You might even be familiar with the North American investigative journalism podcast, Serial, which had garnered a huge following. Now in its 3rd season, Serial’s true crime stories are widely known for its creative story-telling ways. Plus, it earned its place as number one podcast on iTunes and has been downloaded over 340 million times today.

What these podcasters have in common is one thing — the ability to draw in listeners repeatedly. Let’s face it, we’re unable to sit through an hour of lecture without being insanely bored or distracted with our phones but somehow able to listen to an hour of people go on about fiction or non-fiction stories and continuously crave for more? There’s no secret sauce to this, but maybe just lots of ingredients. Now in a world where the podcast market is a little more saturated than before, what does it take to let your podcast stand out from the rest? Cue podcast marketing.

Podcast as a Marketing Tool

A podcast as a medium is versatile. Podcasters have the freedom to explore diverse topics and speak freely, while audiences have the freedom to consume content at their own pace (or OTOT as we know it). Plus, you don’t necessarily require a high budget to start your own podcast. To stand out, however, can serve to be a challenge. There are about 1,000,000 podcasts out there. Search the true-crime podcast tab on Spotify and you’ll see about 100 different playlists. So what does it take to be the one that people want to listen to?

From creating catchy show names to choosing the right album art for every episode and choosing the right platform to air your podcast, the entire process to creating a podcast is quite tedious. There is no set template to go about doing this but there are several podcast trends to look out for this 2020. At the core of it, it is crucial to identify your podcast’s target audience and determine the exact type of content you want to push out. Not to mention, you can leverage social media platforms to further amplify your marketing efforts and reach out to potential audiences. Only then can you work towards building your own podcast community and concentrate your efforts towards engagement. Ultimately, there are many ways to go about promoting your podcast.

So is podcasting the next big thing? Our answer is yes — for the brands who know how to use it. No doubt you can expect some legwork to get the ball rolling, albeit, it is necessary to grow your podcast’s presence and audience. The digital marketing world is ever-evolving and so is the creative industry in Singapore. So if you’re looking to digitally market your business or product, reach out to our brand guardians and we’ll see how we can guide you.

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