4 Innovative Practices in the Creative Industry

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innovative practices for creative agencies

Welcome to the mysterious world of advertising where the magic happens. If you think that’s where the magic of advertising happens, you’re not wrong AND we’ve done a great job as a creative agency at selling our creative work, innovative practices and ideas AND you should just hire us. Seriously, hire us here. Drop us a message and trust me, you ain’t gonna regret this. We say things and mean it.

We aren’t like any of your ex’s. *Cue mic drop*

Creating winning ideas and disrupting the industry (haha wink) are some of our goals. Also, repeat this to yourself until someone tells you otherwise – “There is no such thing as a bad idea” and for all, create a safe space where people are comfortable with sharing all kinds of ideas. 

In all seriousness, we’re writing this to take you on an all-access behind-the-scenes tour of how we do some of our best brainstormings. 

Getting the right folks

Before we even get started, bringing the right and diverse group people on board for the discussion can help provide many insights.

Bringing in a group of people/colleagues that spend a lot of time together like going for lunch together, similar group chats and sitting next to each other can result in an echo chamber or ideas that are quite similar. 

There, having individuals of different backgrounds and skill sets can bring new perspectives.

Creative methods of brainstorming

To prepare for a brainstorming session, we need to digest the brief and understand the client’s perspective, potential audiences,conduct in-depth market research, analyse past top-performing ads or organic posts and searching for online inspiration can help produce fruitful ideas that teams can build on. 

The Power of “So…What”?

There are also processes that we use like “So What..?” that help us distil the essence of the brand and what it stands for. It can even be used to come up with a campaign tagline or even copywriting. This “So What” helps us to question how each person’s idea, statement or copy helps to relate it to the brand and goes back and forth until it reaches a point where it cannot be broken down further. 

Connecting diverse ideas

Building off of each other and connecting ideas can help to improve and provide general feedback. Everyone can bring a few ideas to the table and the team can see if they can add-on to the idea to make it even better. This process can spark a chain reaction where one individual may not see other hidden angles and others can help to plug that gap.

Reverse engineering campaigns

While we do build from the ground up, starting with research until ideation, we don’t try to limit ourselves in our thought process. Reverse engineering works with getting the execution of the campaign out first and then deriving the key message and big idea. While not used as much, it’s also a great way of adapting to the various briefs that clients give to always keep us sharp and on our toes. Now wouldn’t you want that for your creative agency?


With all these innovative practices, we take pride in helping our clients achieve their goals and more by breaking conventional boundaries. If you ever need a creative agency that take you to the next level, drop us a message

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