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We Won The Bronze Agency Of The Year Award!

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What services can an award-winning agency offer?

Just over the Lunar New year, we received a piece of great news! No, we’re not pregnant but we did gain something new – Ad World Masters 2019 Agency of the Year – Bronze! For all our hard work and dedication in providing digital marketing services, it was a milestone moment for us to receive recognition as such.

The Agency of the Year Award rewards creative agencies through analysis such as 

Our past year has been full of many ups and downs. Here’s the lowdown on our award-winning creative services as well as a sort of highlight reel of our best and brightest projects for 2019.

Interactivity is key

How many of you love interactive exhibits? Us too! Putting the same love into our projects, we came up with something similar, just more… digital. Working with partners from the aviation industry, our campaign… took off (pun intended) with an interactive social-led microsite game. Players could win cash vouchers, discount codes and even dining experiences.

How can banks use social media to engage millennials is a common question we get asked. Well, working with our partners from the finance industry, we specially developed an interactive microsite to educate and engage visitors as well as encourage spending within their members. The campaign successfully drove traffic and achieved KPIs for many of our clients. As a creative agency, we take pride in coming up with great branding campaigns to help engage audiences and our knowledge of how to improve better brand perception

Lazada, we’re coming for you

The bread in our bread and butter – engaging websites and eCommerce sites has been one of our key pillars. Our websites are able to convey succinct messages as well as engage and encourage dwell time for their visitors. Working with clients from healthcare to education and even engineering, you can be assured that we can assist in your brand updates and deliver the results when called upon.

Say goodbye to hardcopy annual reports!

New year new me (or projects)? Something unique we did this year was to digitalise annual reports. Working with partners in the education industry, we provided a fresh and digital take to otherwise thick, bound reports. This is a testament to our commitment to innovating within the creative industry. If you have anything new you’d like to work with us on, know that we take pride in understanding the needs of our clients and in achieving your goals together!

Putting the creative in creative agency

The butter in our bread and butter, we worked our creative minds with a religious statutory board to conceptualise, create and execute a six-month campaign – to help increase knowledge of the religion. Our campaigns clarified any doubts or misconceptions as well as writing and publishing inspiring stories. We exceeded our original KPIs by over 20% (yay us!) and definitely gain insights into the religion in the process. #lifelonglearning

Do you really need SEO? Hmm

One key aspect of our digital marketing services we’d like to offer is on and off-page SEO optimisation. No doubt there are a lot of resources available via Google to learn about SEO writing, but it is still going to take a lot of time and effort. Why not ask people who specialise in it? Hint hint

With all that being said, we’re open to transcending boundaries and doing work that makes a change. Really. @ us if you need an idea on how to shake things up or do something out of the norm.

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