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Marketing For ECommerce in Singapore – SEM or Social Media?

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If you’re running an eCommerce store in Singapore, chances are that you’re always looking to push out your products or services. With a set budget in mind and a pressing need for sales, experimenting with the various marketing channels can be extremely off-putting. 

The final decision often boils down to the two – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Social Media Marketing. Which is more effective for Singapore eCommerce?

Here’s where our vast experience as a digital marketing agency and eCommerce website design company in Singapore didn’t go to waste:

Team ‘SEM’

Assets & Collaterals

Lacking aesthetic assets and collaterals for marketing? That’s the beauty of it all. For SEM, all you need is strong and impactful copywriting that accurately depicts your products and services. 

These are the ads that will show up at the top of users’ search results, which means you can cast a greater first impression on them. 

BUT, if you have the assets, flaunt it! Create interesting ads and utilise the Google Display Network (GDN) within Google Adwords to market your brand with them. 

Just make sure you know the right sizes and optimal dimensions for Google Ads

Reach Further

To say that SEM gives you a wider reach is putting it lightly, especially with approximately 3.5 BILLION daily searches on Google. Won’t it be great if you can tap on this network of online users?

With strategic copywriting and smart targeting, you should be able to reach them and generate volumes of traffic to your online store. The rest is up to your eCommerce website design in converting these Singapore users. 

Pro-tip: Ask an eCommerce solutions provider in Singapore to up your eCommerce game with a revamped eCommerce website development!

Purchase Intention

Our favourite thing about SEM is how it allows you to reach online users with the intent to purchase, as long as you know the keywords to target. Most SEO agencies should be able to advise you to target the right ones.

Good keywords reach users, great keywords reach users with intent to purchase. (Engage an above-mentioned SEO agency to know the difference.) Explore dynamic keywords as an option for your campaign to discover and unlock this benefit of SEM. 

All that’s left to do is to figure out the mechanics, implement the campaign and begin reaping the rewards. 

Team ‘Social Media’

Stay Top-Of-Mind

Social media allows you to express your brand in its entirety – tone of voice, visual direction and brand personality. With engaging visuals and impactful copy, there’s nothing you can’t communicate your brand or campaign message to your target audience. 

Similar to SEM, using the right interest targeting allows you to consistently reach your customers and get them to your eCommerce platform.

As long as you’re willing to put in the work to regularly create strategic content, you’ll be able to keep your target audience engaged, accentuate your brand identity and stay at the top of their minds, 

Encourage Conversations

There’ll be no social media without the social aspect of it all. (We’re referring to the two-way communication.)

A key difference between social media marketing and SEM is the affordance of feedback and response by the target audience. Customers can engage with your brand via the ads you push out and vice versa.

Engagement encourages your target audience to take action and consequently create the result that you desire – the purchase of your product/services on your eCommerce site. 

Besides, getting customers talking also generates word-of-mouth and spreads the word of your ads and brand to their friends. 

Customer Service

An often dreadful part of communications, customer service can be quite a chore in the social media era. Because of the direct channel provided, your customers are able to reach your brand via social media.

However, with wit and a good sense of people skills, social media allows you to alleviate any concerns and grievances from your customers on a public platform. Nothing puts brands above their competition like a customer-centric image

When it’s done well, you reinforce positive sentiments and gain additional publicity for your eCommerce platform. At the same time, you address the current adage’s problems of shorter attention spans and needs of instant gratification all in the same breath. 

Which Team Are We On?

We’re Team….drumroll please…. whatever works best for your brand. Sometimes it’s SEM, sometimes it’s social media, and it could even be both! There’s no one size fits all when it comes to marketing for your eCommerce in Singapore. 

It’s best to give the industry, products/services and eCommerce website design a good look-over before we can decide on the best channel to use. 

If you’re in the market for a creative agency to promote your eCommerce website, why not engage an agency capable of crafting a complete digital marketing plan AND provide a PSG-approved eCommerce website development? Our sales consultants are waiting for you. (;

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