What Do Businesses Look For In a Creative Agency?

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The tension in the meeting room of the creative agency is palpable. Both parties are seated opposite each other, staring intensely. Eyes are locked in an effort to assert dominance. On the table, a laptop with an open Word document sits ignored. Palms sweaty, knees weak and arms feel heavy. 

After an almost imperceptible shift, the client gives in and says to the head of the creative agency, “that’s a great proposal, we would love to work with you. You’re hired!”

Cue credits for this article. Ha just kidding, we’re only getting started so stay seated as we share what things businesses look out for in a creative agency.

Da vibe 

Ever get that tingly feeling? No? Don’t worry it’s not a ghost. What we’re driving at is an (emotional?) connection and understanding of your brand story in making sure that both the client and the creative agency are on similar wavelengths. Being able to be in tune with, understand your needs and challenges as well as work off each other’s creativity is crucial in developing your agency-client relationship.

Past experiences

I know some of you out there judge potential partners based on their exes. However, we don’t recommend bringing that across to choosing your creative agency. What we recommend is, judging their best campaigns, awards they have won and the value they can add to your brand. Look for creative flair and diversity to bring your brand/business to the next level.

The great big idea

Flashy videos and impressive visuals may dazzle you for the first minute but once the sparkly begins to fade, look for the details. The details should be well-thought-out and come from sound logic or a great big idea that ties in to your brand.

Offering their expertise

Apart from offering creative services, the agency should have expertise in all, if not most creative marketing services (especially digital). At I Concept, Our expertise in social media campaigns, websites and other marketing campaigns positions us uniquely to value-add to your business… so keep us in mind!


Being transparent can help to build trust between both parties. Be it quotations (bill-able items), work processes (timelines and process of approval) or even communications, all these play a part.  Being able to trust your partner in charge of your brand refresh can mean the difference between giving them creative respect and freedom to bring out the best, or micromanaging and rubbing everyone the wrong way.


All in all, these various aspects add up to provide a picture of how suitable the agency is to take on the brand. While going with well-known agencies might come with the peace of mind, the smaller players might have the zest, hunger and passion to interpret your brand in new ways. Drop us a message if you want to push some boundaries!

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