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6 Ways Creative Agency Is ‘Essential’ For Your Business

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Creative Agency Singapore With Creative Campaigns & Solutions For Businesses

If there’s anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, it’s how we undervalue the work of many individuals who contribute to our economy in Singapore, from the frontline professionals to foreign workers and artists. I mean, according to a Straits Times survey, creatives and artists are generally considered non-essential. Yes, ouch. In the creative industry, not many brands are aware of the value a creative agency in Singapore provides for them, especially in terms of the value of creativity.

You get so much more than pretty designs and witty taglines when you engage a creative agency’s services and it’s easy to miss them when you’re not sure what’re you looking for. The final output of even a “simple” logo is usually a sum of long hours and critical broad thinking.

Creative agencies like us are more essential to your business than you think and worth every dollar that you’re paying for. Are creatives really non-essential? Hell no. We all need each other to function. Helping underdogs like us around the world, these are the 6 ways a creative agency actually helps your brand:

Position For Long-Term Success

When brands approach a creative agency, they’re often looking for branding services like logo design, branding guidelines or a branding campaign. Regardless of the eventual service rendered, the impact of the final output is often a far-reaching and long-lasting brand. (Think Googles and Apples)

That’s because most creative agencies approach any deliverable with a 360° perspective while ensuring that the brand elements not just gel with the overall branding, but also works in the long-run despite the existing and potential competitors within the industry.

Using a strategic point of view, a creative agency’s work is often timeless and positions your brand to reap long-term benefits from it by standing out from your competition. Talk about stretching your dollar, this is exactly why we’re so essential for your business and earn the big bucks.

Start On The Right Note

It’s not only the long-term success you’ll be enjoying with the right creative agency partner, but there’s also an immediate advantage gained. Many brands that are starting out often engage a creative agency to create their brand elements from scratch, usually based on its Unique Selling Points (USP) and brand story.

For good reason. As mentioned above, the groundwork done by a creative agency is for the long haul and that means the brand identity created will be what represents your business for years to come. Our work is what will etch your brand into the minds of your target audience.

By having the right brand to start with, you lay the foundation for all of your works moving forward. You can keep to the same elements, visual style and overall branding to cement your business within the industry. Nothing says starting right then a logo that stays true for more than 50 years aka Nike, Coca Cola, etc.

Creative Campaigns Based On Current Trends

A creative campaign from a creative agency is more than just a marketing campaign with nicer designs. It’s the strategic planning and delivery of an impactful message that solves a communication problem faced by your brand.

Because of the meticulous and iterative process behind a creative campaign, it considers the existing climate and trending topics within its executions. Whether it’s leveraging of a trending application like Tik Tok or creative trends like multisensory experiences, they’re effective in the context of the delivery.

At the end of it all, you get a creative campaign that is not only everlasting in its impact but also appropriate in the current era. When it’s executed by the right team, you might even be setting new trends yourself. Don’t you want to be trending as well?

ECommerce Website Design To Bolster Business

Not many creative agencies are capable of this, but there are a handful of teams who can execute an eCommerce web development that can be extremely helpful, particularly in a situation where safe distancing is the norm.

Many businesses were affected by the blanket ban on physical gatherings, with some of the brands essentially left inoperable due to the nature of the business or a lack of digitalisation. Safe to say that an eCommerce is one way to digitalise for many businesses.

Besides keeping your business operational, eCommerce is also effective in building your brand online and giving you more control over the customer’s purchasing journey. Through the reinforcement of branding within the design, you can ensure a strong and positive experience for the customers with your brand.

P.S. Make it easy for yourself by utilising the grants available. Get up to 80% off for your eCommerce development with the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) when you approached a pre-approved eCommerce developer.

Content For Sustaining Engagement

We may not be big fans of executing content sustenance, but creative agencies are more than capable (in fact, overqualified) to create content for your brand. With the uptick of social media browsing in recent times, creating engaging content regularly is important to compete in the overloaded social media sphere.

Creative agencies help you stand out, and that applies to your content as well. In the saturated arena, having content that is distinct from your competitors helps you to make a stronger impact in getting engagement from your customers.

Besides, being the ones who created your branding guidelines, you can be sure that they will keep within the parameters as they devise and develop the content for you. The only downside is the costing to create appropriate content for you, after all, the hourly rates are more upscale as consultants.

Creative Solutions During Crisis

We can always plan ahead and prepare for the worst, but there can still be crises you cannot anticipate for, such as the COVID-19 pandemic happening across the world and the subsequent economic recession brought on by it.

While a creative agency is not going to help you prepare for one, they can help you make the best out of the situation — by applying the same creativity and problem-solving process. Navigating times of crisis is what we’re capable of.

Whether it’s a creative campaign or a digital solution, creative agencies solve problems for brands, even if they don’t value them or deem them essential. Don’t be afraid to approach us when you need help, we’re consultants for a reason.

Creative Agency: An Essential Helping Hand

No one likes to admit it but we need a little help from others sometimes, especially during a difficult time like this. That’s why we need to band together and forge stronger partnerships in order to tide through this ordeal. We’re reaching out our hands to you, all you’ve to do is grab it. Reach out to us for a creative agency ready to lend you a hand or more!

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