Cebu Ocean Park


Known as the largest oceanarium in the Philippines, Cebu Ocean Park currently aims to provide visitors and the community with a unique marine-life experience to achieve their dream to educate, conserve and inspire.

Through this website refresh, we achieved a balance of fun and vibrancy while communicating its pride as the largest oceanarium in the Philippines and a leader in marine conservation education.

The Challenge
Working with an international client, we had to first understand their business and the local culture to successfully reach a common ground. We also had to take into account the brand values and Cebu Ocean Park’s established presence as a leader of local marine conversation.

Our Impact
Our approach centred around communicating it’s brand positioning — creative, fun and vibrant — with a more visually engaging style. Through our understanding of local culture and tastes, we created a website that appealed to both locals and foreign tourists. This was reflected in the choice of images and layout for daily activities, exhibition and marine conservation work.

Throughout the creation of the website, we conveyed the professionalism of a world-class oceanarium, marine park and event space to compete on the world stage.

Balanced against a wider backdrop of marine life conservation, we were able to tell a story with our design. A story of how Cebu Ocean Park offers a unique marine-life experience which can help educate visitors on marine conservation and inspire them to share this experience with future generations.

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