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ECommerce in Singapore: 5 Things Businesses Can Learn from Shopee

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ECommerce in Singapore: 5 Things Businesses Can Learn from Shope

Go Shopee pi pi pi pi pi~

If you sang this song in your head while reading it, congratulations! You don’t live under a rock and you know that football heartthrob Cristiano Ronaldo was the face of a Shopee ad campaign last year. Not only did this video go extremely viral, but the Cristiano Ronaldo-Baby Shark advertisement also allowed Shopee to triple its sales last September. Call it cringy or jump-on-the-bandwagon typa marketing stint,  there are many things to learn from this eCommerce giant, but here are a few to get you started.  Convenience, a variety of selection, incentivised customer reviews, vouchers and authenticity. So if you’re a new eCommerce business in Singapore or looking for some tips to develop an eCommerce platform in Singapore, let’s dive right in.

1. Convenience

Despite being “late” to the eCommerce game (only entered in 2015) , Shopee still leads the eCommerce game in Southeast Asia. That is well due to the fact that the company recognised early on that mobile was the upcoming trend. Although they are now available for desktop, they were once only available on mobile. And being on mobile simply screams convenience. I mean, what better way to shop all curled up in your bed with your phone in hand right?

With the entire world embracing the new normal and shoppers moving online, the rise of mobile commerce is more apparent than before. And smartphone usage in Singapore alone is estimated to reach 4.65 million this year. That is more than 90 per cent of our total population. If you’re looking to optimise your eCommerce platform for smaller screen sizes, contact our creative agency today.

2. Wide Variety of Selection

Once a consumer-to-consumer platform, Shopee has since scaled up to a business-to-consumer platform. With that being said, you can expect to find tons of choices for the products within the same category. Not to mention, they carry various international products so you don’t have to leave the house to hunt for those mala instant noodles (ykik hehe).

3. Customer Reviews

On a platform like Shopee where there are never-ending options, it can get confusing as to which product is the best for you. So how do you stand out from the sea of products and other retailers? Customer reviews can just be the determining factor. From building the credibility of that particular product/shop to building a relationship with consumers and even earning free publicity, the list of the importance of customer reviews goes on. Look to incorporate a section where consumers are able to leave a review of your products. This will increase the visibility of your products and platform for other potential consumers to find you.

4. Vouchers Galore

Let’s be honest — who doesn’t love deals and vouchers? Shopee is known for being generous with its discount and slashed prices. This cultivates the habit of consumers wanting and coming back for more. If it fits your business model and brand image, you could explore offering vouchers or discounts on your eCommerce platform. Discounts can go a long way for consumers, hence don’t undermine the science of price promotions.

5. Authenticity

Upon launching the Shopee app, you might have seen the ‘Shopee Mall’ tab. But what is Shopee Mall? Many a time, consumers are afraid of items not turning out the way they look in pictures. This often develops into distrust and scepticism towards certain brands or platforms. In order to avoid this, Shopee created a whole other category specifically dedicated to ‘Official Brands’ and ‘Shopee’s Top Sellers’. It is also said that you can:

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This way, customers do not have to worry about the condition of products or credibility of sellers on the platform. Plus, this builds loyalty with consumers and they’ll feel inclined to come back for more.

So if you’re still wondering what a creative agency can do for an eCommerce business in Singapore, let us clear your doubts. Chat with our brand guardians and we’ll see just what we can do for you.

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